Diets For Abs – Are You Eating Right?

Flaunting a flat and toned midriff has more to do than simply make you look great in your beach suit. Trimming the fat around the midsection can also help improve your health and keep chronic ailments such as cardiovascular problems at bay.
We’ve seen many struggling to get the six pack they’ve always desired to have. It takes more than hard work and exercise to get your 6-pack abs to really pop. It involves strategizing and sticking with the right diets for abs. After all, if you exercise regularly and don’t watch what you put into your mouth at every meal, success will always remain elusive. In this short article we’ve broken down diets for abs not by the foods you should eat and avoid, but according to macro and micro-nutrients you should include in your diet.

Diets For Abs - Are You Eating Right
When aiming for the six pack abs look, your daily intake of protein must be high. Protein has triple benefits. It accelerates the metabolic rate, prevents the loss of lean muscle mass and keeps you from feeling hungry. Found in lean meat, pulses, dairy and legumes, proteins should make up 30% of your total calorie intake for the day.
Whether or not to include carbohydrates in diets for abs has been a widely discussed topic. It must be had in controlled quantities. Reducing your intake of carbohydrates will prompt the body to burn body fat to provide energy. It also reduces water retention in the body creating for a leaner appearance. However, going too low on the carbohydrates can also have adverse affects on your six pack abs look. In the absence of sufficient carbohydrates, the energy levels drop drastically and intensify food cravings. It will also cause the resting metabolic rate to plummet.
Eating carbohydrates at the right time is also important. Carbohydrates must be eaten after an intense workout. Complex carbohydrates after an intense workout help the muscles recover and refuel them.
When it comes to getting ripped and getting the six pack abs, you need to watch your intake of dietary fat. 3-5 grams of fat is all you need to take in a diet for abs. Also, this fat should be obtained from healthy sources such as fatty fish, avocados, olive oils, nuts and flaxseeds.
Diets for Abs – Strategizing and Planning
In addition to eating the right foods in the right proportions, it is necessary to eat in the right manner. The following factors will influence how easily the six pack abs come to you.
  • Start by determining the right calorie intake. It should match your body weight. If you eat too much you will put on weight making it more difficult to notice the abdominal muscles. Also, eating less than the body’s actual requirement will reduce muscle mass.
  • Eat minimum six meals every day. Breaking up the total calorie intake for the day into smaller meals allows for faster digestion. It also keeps the metabolic rate from dropping or getting sluggish.
  • You should also drink a good amount of clear fluid on a daily basis. Avoid drinking alcohol. Instead, you can increase your intake of smoothies. Smoothies made of natural ingredients are nutritious and filling.
  • Time your meals and stick with the schedule.
  • When following diets for abs, you can reserve one day as the cheat day. Doing so helps you control food cravings and also helps you follow your diet sincerely for the rest of the week.



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