For a Bigger Chest You Have Got to Stretch

Nothing is better than having a big powerful chest. Not only do the girls love a big strong chest it intimidates everyone. If you are looking to improve your body, confidence, and strength you need to work on building a bigger more powerful chest. Now a lot of people that are training to build muscle will work harder and not smarter. Do not make that mistake. Get the results you want with less work. Once you understand the benefits of stretching you will be better prepared to efficiently build the upper body you want and the ladies love.

For a Bigger Chest You Have Got to Stretch

One of the most overlooked aspects of weight training is proper stretching. Stretching has a lot of important benefits. It increase muscle contraction efficiency, muscle growth, oxygen uptake, flexibility, reduces soreness, and lowers the risk of injury. Next time you train you chest do a set of warm up stretches. Not only will you have more power and endurance your muscle will move easier allowing for increased intensity and as a result increased development. Stretching during your chest workout will also reduce stiffness and increase your durability. Train harder and longer with constant stretching. Once you have complete your workout be sure to stretch again. The body responds really well to post workout stretching because your muscles are warm and broken down. Post lift stretching also helps to reduce the intracellular pressure buildup that cause next day muscle soreness. No one likes to feel sore. It can also disrupt your training the following day.
Lets take a look at three basic stretches that will improve your training and help you get that big manly chest. Stretching for a chest workout should include the pectorals major, minor and the biceps brachii.
Wide Arm Stretch
Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart. Raise your arms to the side level with your shoulders with palms facing down. While keeping you arms straight push them back as far as they will go and hold for 20 seconds. Repeat about three times.
Behind Head Stretch
Standing up straight place both hands behind your head and interlock your fingers. Keep the elbows pointing out straight to your side. Keeping your fingers interlocked force your elbows back as far as possible and hold for twenty seconds.
Over the Head
Laying with your back and neck flat on a weight bench extend your arms straight above your head parallel with your shoulders. Now grab a weight and bend your elbows down toward the ground. Keeping your arms at slight angle lift the weight without bending your arms. This is a great post chest stretch that will loosen everything up significantly.

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