Killer Triceps Workout For Building Triceps and Chest Together

Building triceps is a complete must if you are after having the best looking arms in the gym, as without big triceps the biceps are not going to look any good, this is due to the fact that the triceps are over 70% of the upper arms total.
So leaving the triceps to grow just through your pushing exercises such as chest workouts and shoulder workouts isn’t a very good idea.
But I have before and still do give my triceps a fantastic workout through just pushing exercises. This might sound a little contradicting but if I am pushed for time of want to shock the muscles I do this workout.
Triceps and chest workout.

Building Triceps and Chest
1. Start with putting your feet up on a bench and your hands on the floor at shoulders width apart.
This is going to be a push up exercise that is going to pre exhaust your chest, as this push up will not hit the triceps to much at first.
Warm up with two sets of 12-15 reps, then add some weight by using a rucksack with some weights in so you do 3 working sets with a rep rang of 10-12.
2. Next move to a smith machine or a bench with a barbell and take a close grip about shoulders width, this can also be done with a press up with body weight or with a rucksack with weights in.
Do 4 working sets of 10-12 reps.
Included in this exercise will be a super set with dumbbell flyes doing a reps range of 9-10. This is to stretch the chest muscle and hit the outer part of the chest, don’t forget to stretch the triceps as well.
3. I then do the same again either with a smith machine or barbell but in this exercise in a decline position, hitting the bottom part of the chest, once again super setting with flyes.
The two exercises above will hit the hole of the triceps heads as well as the inner and outer chest muscles.
4. I then finish the workout with some parallel bar dips, but I make sure I don’t lean to far forward as this puts allot more stress onto the triceps and not so much on the chest as we have just worked the lower part of the chest, don’t forget to keep your elbows in tight to your sides.
Do 3 sets of 8-20 reps you might find this is a bit hard as your triceps are probably cooked by now so do as many reps as possible.
This exercise will still hit the chest and add to the chest workout.
Key things to remember make sure you stretch your triceps and chest in-between all exercises and squeeze the triceps and chest when at the top of movement.
Have ago at this workout you will find it great for getting a pump and making the triceps and chest grow faster, also its great as I said before for saving time so you get in the gym and out in no time, and see maximum results.



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