Six-Pack Abs – Three Reasons to Stop Wasting Your Time

If you look around any gym you will see an assortment of people; the good-looking mom on the treadmills, the younger guys in cut-offs working on their biceps in front of the mirror, the modest, veteran weight-lifters in their everyday routines, and a few wannabes performing every one of their exercises incorrectly. Each of these people has different styles, but they all want six-pack abs. So you see them bent over on ab machines or lying down on the cheap foam mats doing their crunches. But if you are like them, spending more than fifteen minutes a day on your abs, you are wasting your time!

Six-Pack Abs - Three Reasons to Stop Wasting Your Time
Reason #1 to stop wasting your time can be summed up by the phrase, “quality over quantity.” Many people think doing hundreds our thousands of sit-ups will get them movie star abs, but performing ten perfect sit-ups is better than doing ten thousand poor ones. When you are working towards so many crunches, you sacrifice proper technique. So make sure when you are on your eighth sit-up, to focus on your eighth sit-up and not the ninth.
Reason # 2 to stop wasting your time is thanks to a simple biological fact; the abdominal muscles recover very quickly. Because this is true, it is not necessary to spend so much time on mediocre exercises. Try adding some resistance to your ab routine, you will cut your time in half and get better results than from regular crunches!
Reason # 3 to stop wasting your time is because doing one thousand crunches is not only an ineffective way to build our abs, but is also pointless if you have to much fat covering them. Half the time you spend working your abdominals would be better spent on the treadmill. If you really want six-pack abs, stop worrying about your abs and focus on you entire body. Shed the extra tummy fat to really show off your stomach.
Whether you’re the good-looking mom, the younger show-off or the experienced lifter, you could have a sexier set of abs if you focus more on technique, add resistance to your exercises, and step on the treadmill more often. Stop wasting your time, start using it!



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