What Are the Best Carbs to Eat for Muscle and Weight Gain?

When it comes to bulking up and gaining muscle mass it is mostly about the food you eat. As long as you have a good workout plan that is stimulating muscle growth, the main thing you will want to do is supple the muscles with the correct nutrients they need to optimally recover and grow. This article will show you the best carbs to eat for muscle and weight gain.

What Are the Best Carbs
The best carbohydrates to eat
The best carbs for muscle building are vegetables and fruits. These are the only carbohydrates your body needs. Limiting your carbs to just these two types will greatly benefit your muscle gains. You will eat more vegetables and increase your vitamin and mineral content immensely.
Carbohydrates are not as essential in the human diet as proteins and fats are. You only need a low amount to keep up the stores that are burnt from intense exercise and brain activity.
Your body doesn’t need carbs as much as it needs protein and fats. You can actually survive absolutely fine with no carbs at all in your diet. For muscle growth it’s all about protein and fats. However, to further boost your gains and overall heath you should eat plenty of high fibre, nutrient dense fruits and vegetables.
The worst carbohydrates to eat
The carbs you should avoid, the ones that will only limit your muscle gains are anything that is processed, anything that comes in packaging and anything that contains an ingredients list. This wipes out all grains, cereals, pasta, bread, corn, rye, rice, oats etc.
These carbs contain bad fibre that will only clog up your digestive system and actually rob your body of the vital nutrients it needs. Not to mention the overall insulin spikes it will create, giving you ups and downs in energy levels.
When to eat carbs
The best times to consume carbs will be in the morning and post workout, at these times your body will be low on glycogen store and will need the sugars and nutrients. The rest of the time you should mainly be eating vegetables along with your protein and fat meals. Vegetables don’t contain many carbs, just a lot of vital nutrients; this will stop any insulin spikes.
Eating carbs only at these times will boost your insulin receptivity, so that when you do eat them they will help force all the protein and nutrients straight into your muscles, they will soak up all the nutrients like a sponge.



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