What Time of Day Should I Train My Muscles for the Best Workout?

When you workout your muscles you want to be at full energy and alertness, so you are motivated and can lift the most amount of weight. You want to be in peak performance, so you can progress from the previous workout and continue to growth in strength and size. This article will discuss the best times of day to train for optimal muscle growth.

What Time of Day Should I Train My Muscles for the Best Workout?
In the morning
The morning is a good time for many people as it is when they have spare time and it gets the workout done and dusted, leaving you to get on with the rest of your day. You can spend the rest of the day eating and letting your muscles recover and grow.
Your testosterone levels are at their highest in the morning. You will be in a good state of mental alertness. Performing a workout in the morning will wake you up and keep you energised for the rest of the day.
The disadvantages are the you will have a low body temperature form just waking up, meaning you are more prone to injuries and not as good performance. Your spine will be elongated; this can be an issue for some bigger lifts that cause strain on your spine. Your muscles will be depleted of glycogen.
This can be an awkward time for many people to workout, due to work and such. This is the time when you have the highest pain tolerance. It is the optimum period for mental and physical function. Your best energy levels are usually in the late afternoon.
Disadvantages are that you can experience that low energy slump in the early afternoon, this is not great for lifting the heaviest weights and progressing.
In the evening is a good time, after work. Your body temperature will be at its peak. This is the time you will have your greatest strength. However your mental focus will be waning.
This can be a good time for no distractions. If you have no other time to workout you must do it now, and then when you fall asleep your body will get straight to repairing and growing the muscle. Disadvantages are that your body processes are slowing down and it could disrupt your sleep.
The best times to workout are afternoon and evening. These times will give you the best workouts and you will be most likely to progress. The main point is to be consistent in the times you workout, this way your body will be ready for the usually workout time. It will make sure you are in top shape to perform at your best.



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