What to Eat Before an Intense Workout – Pre Workout Meal Nutrition

Getting the best possible meal in you before an intense workout is of vital importance when it comes to lifting the most weights and stimulating the most muscle mass. It is what will push you through the workout and give you all the protein, nutrients and energy your body needs to successfully perform at its best.
There are 3 main macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. You must consume a combination of these for the most effective pre workout meal

Pre Workout Meal Nutrition
Protein is by far the most important of the three, if you can only have one eat protein before your workout. The protein will give you muscles the building blocks they will need once you start to break down you muscle mass in the gym.
The best protein to eat would be sources that are of the highest quality and will be absorbed quickly by your muscles for the fastest repair and growth. The highest quality and fastest digesting protein is whey protein, closely followed by eggs. Either have a protein shake and mix in the other two macro nutrients or have some scrambled eggs before the workout.
Your body will need some carbs to refuel the loss of glucose during the workout. Eat a moderate amount before to make sure your glycogen stores are at a sufficient level. You muscles will be using the glucose as energy for you lift as they need a fast source of energy they can use straight away.
Eat some kind of fruit for the best results, the glucose will be absorbed quickly and an added bonus is that you will get some vital nutrients from the high vitamin and mineral content fruit. Eating some fruit with vitamin c can help to increase you nitric oxide levels too.
Fats will provide your body will the calories and energy it needs to get through the workout. The fats will also increase you anabolic hormone levels to further increase muscle growth. They will help focus you mind and give you a constant flow of sustained energy throughout the workout, avoiding any sugar crashes. Your mind will be focused and ready for the intense workout.
Aim to eat a small to moderate size meal or shake, with an even amount of each of the macro nutrients above. Eat it 30-60 minutes before your workout to allow for digestion but still let your body be absorbing the nutrients when you are training. Combine this pre workout meal with an intense muscle building workout to see optimal muscle gains.



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