Why the Squats Are the Best Exercise For Building Muscle Fast

Squats are no doubt the hardest, most demanding, and painful exercise for building muscle that you can do. Proper discipline and willpower are needed to do them correctly.. If you do some squats until you can do no more then you know what I mean. Even experienced bodybuilders have trouble mastering the squat. However, if you want to experience fast muscle gain then there is no doubt that the squat is the best exercise to achieve this.

Squats Are the Best Exercise For Building Muscle
Because they are hard to do your body releases greater amounts of testosterone and growth hormone. This means you will gain more size and strength to the lower body area. Your upper body will also gain more muscle from a larger hormone secretion. Another factor is that by doing the squats it will help you to excel in your other exercises. You should make the squat your number one exercise above all else for building muscle.
So now it’s time to start on those squats but to do these properly you need to follow a few rules.
To keep safe when performing your squats use a power rack or cage. This means it’s up to you to set the height of the bar. If your muscles start giving out you can then drop the bar onto the safety pins. Really the safety pins should be set to just under the depth that you’re squatting to, and set the J Hooks around your nipple level.
Make sure your head is pulled back as you perform the squat. Slightly arch your lower back, and raise your chest. Try to not look up or down and focus straight ahead. Also try to not lean forward too much.
Now at the bar you should have your hands positioned at roughly the same width as you would a bench press.
Make sure the bar is evenly positioned along your traps. When placing the bar you should it needs to rest across the lower portion of your traps and your rear delts. You should have the feeling the bar is now going to roll off your back. Most injuries when doing squats occur when backing up, so only back up as far as you need.
Your feet should be spaced at should width and pointed at roughly 45 degrees.
Now deep breath, and start your squats. Squat as though your going to sit in a chair placed behind you.
Try to make sure your knees stay in line with your feet, try very hard not to bow them inwards. Get your thighs parallel to the floor when your lowering down.
When reaching the bottom then start to rise. DO NOT stop and relax in the bottom position.
When rising, get that back straight and drive those heels to the ground to get to the start position as quick as you can. Now you’re back to the start, take another deep breath and continue squatting until finishing all of your reps.
Now remember, treat squats properly and your muscle gains should be amazing.. Try to do squats once a week., doing 2 sets of 5 – 7 reps. With time you should be increasing your weights or the amount of reps you do.



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