5 Major Muscle Building Mistakes to Avoid – Help Gain Muscle Mass


Why Am I not Getting Bigger Muscle?

Most of people who start training don’t have any knowledge or experience on how to build muscle and gain weight, And most of them after  6 month or one year, they give up, why? Because they didn’t get any satisfied result.
Before quitting, did you follow any Workouts and diet plans, and did you make it efficacious?
5 Major Muscle Building Mistakes to Avoid – Help Gain Muscle Mass

Did You Avoid The Most Muscle Building Mistakes?

We introduce these most common muscle building mistakes, to avoid it and helps you to get and optimal result.

You’re Not Eating Enough Meals

Eating big get bigger ! this is the rules, for some who want to gain weight, eating 3 meals per day (breakfast, luncheon and dinner) it’s not enough,  some research has shown that’s taking smaller meals, is the best way to lose weight, gain muscles, or helps to maintain your body weight, Adding gradually more wood as the flame gets bigger better than placing too much wood on at once.
You should take 6 meals at least per day, you probably think about how much time I need to make and eat those meals,  you can if you want, there are endless ways to make and store food for meals throughout the day.
Use your imagination to make those meals, including carbs, protein, and  fibers, in every meal!
– Turkey and potatoes
– steaks and mushroom
For those who don’t have time, or who can’t eat a more than 4 meals, you can shake some powder with water like gainers and protein powder supplements as a perfect meal replacement (it’s literally a meal in a cup) in addition to BCAA and glutamine.


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