7 Main Beginner’s Mistakes in the Gym

One day everyone thinks about going to the gym and to put his body in the shape/to pump up muscles/to become a bodybuilder/etc. This article will help you to avoid common newcomer’s mistakes.
Mistake A-1. Champion’s program.
A lot of newcomers admit the same mistake: take a program of a famous athlete (Coleman, Schwarzenegger etc) and begin to follow it. This logic is correct, if it helped them, it will help me. However, they don’t pay attention to three important factors:
First, professional athletes periodically change their programs, they dry or gain weight from time to time. So, what type of program is in your hands?

 Main Beginner's Mistakes in the Gym
Second, any athlete is above all a man with individual type of physique. Abdominal type man (fat guy) will not achieve great results with, for example, program of Schwarzenegger, because he has muscular body type.
And finally, the most important thing, in the professional bodybuilding, success comes only with chemical additives. No matter, how well-known athletes shout about their steroid purity, it is lie.
The program they use is composed for combination with steroid therapy. So it is useless to follow professional athlete’s program eating a normal food and supplements.
Mistake A-2. The more – the better.
Make muscles grow faster, newcomer pumps muscles harder and harder. But there are other laws. What is a muscle growth? In training you lift large, unusual for your casual life weight. This causes tiny tears of muscle fibers. Tearing up your fiber, you get out of the gym. Eat. Sleep. During the meal you give the body the building material for recovery of fibers. At the night, exactly at the night your muscles grow, the body envelops damaged fibers by stocked building materials – amino acids and proteins. They are overgrown and… become thicker. That is a growth of muscles.
However, the body must have time to heal wounds. If the micro-trauma appeals too often, body will not have time to heal it. And will fall into a state of stress. As a consequence, depression, reduce of resistance to viruses and bacteria, constant fatigue and the most important – no growth!
The optimal of number of trainings per week is 2-3.
Mistake A-3. Beer after training is helpful.
There is the myth that beer after the gym is possible and even necessary, because it contains the energy-rich carbohydrates.
Actually, drinking beer after training is the right way to the hospital. Let’s say that beer contains carbohydrates, but there is a problem, they are complex and body can’t split it easy. For body it’s easier to send it to stock (ie fat), rather then get out its energy. Do you want to become the happy owner of a beer bally? I doubt it.
Mistake A-4. The main in training is not technique, it’s weight.
Technology is not invented for nothing, observing it, you will load a precisely those muscles that you need and get rid of extra loads for vulnerabilities such a back or knee.
Mistake A-5. I can cope with the rod by myself.
Many newcomers in the gym don’t want to ask someone to insure on the bar, with bench press and other exercises. Please, don’t be shy, it’s very dangerous!
Mistake A-6. Sex directly interrupts trainings.
This mistake is based on the fact, that the amount of testosterone in body is limited. This is mistake too. Indeed, testosterone the male hormone is responsible muscles growth and also for potency. So we can assume that limiting sex, we would save potential for the gym.
But this assuming is erroneous. The amount of hormones is constant. So if your body use, for example, testosterone, it will immediately restore its level, utilizing reserves.
On the contrary, if you won’t make love, the overall level of testosterone will start to fall as unnecessary.
Mistake A-7. To lose weight, you should eat less, then usually.
I should say that with fasting you will accomplish nothing good. One the body is low on resources, it immediately slows down metabolism. You become sluggish, lethargic, prone to disease (the immune system also requires resources). Moreover, the food we eat, trying to go to the stock (ie fat). So we gain weight, instead of lose it.



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