8 Ways To Reduce Side Fat, And They’re All Super Easy

Love handles are notorious for being almost impossible to burn off. We attack them again and again with classic stomach crunches, but they continue staring us right in the face, laughing at your despair. If a million crunches don’t take away these hated fat zones, what will? In a recent Huffington Post article, Kyla Gagnon, a British Columbia-based fitness trainer details some scientifically-proven ways to incinerate those pesky love handles, once and for all.
You have to see this list of 8 proven ways to tighten up those oblique abs, the muscles being hidden by your handles.
8 Ways To Reduce Side Fat, And They’re All Super Easy
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You’ve Likely Done Tons Of Standard Crunches…

…And The Love Handles Still Grace Your Figure.

Here are some incredibly simple ways to shed that side fat.

1. Bicycle Crunches!

This modified crunch targets the sides of your abdominals better, the same place that those handles sit.

2. Side Plank Dips

This is a variant of the plank that will make your core burn like crazy. Put your arm at a 90-degree angle (alternate between left and right side). Dip your hip 10-12 times on one side and then switch.

3. Standard Plank

Again, keep your arms at a 90-degree angle, with your legs and back completely straight. Hold this position for 30 seconds at a time, with rest periods in between.

4. Stability Ball Plank

Again, very similar to the standard plank, the stability ball plank involves raising your legs up behind you. By combining the plank moves above, you will target all of the necessary abdominal muscles needed to burn love handles.

5. Cut 100 Calories At A Time, Here And There.

Ultimately, cutting down on extra calories is going to help in your battle against love handles as well. There are some really simple ways to cut this amount of calories:
– Cut the coffee creamer!
– Remove fries from your diet
– Ditch the daily pop (or cut down to one from the two that you likely have during the day)

6. Remove Refined Sugars From Your Diet.

There are enough amazingly delicious foods to eat that are naturally sweet, like fruits and vegetables. Your body can handle these natural sugars better and is less likely to store them as fat compared to refined sugars.

7. Fat Is Phat.

Eat healthy fats. Fish and nuts are a great source! A huge portion of your daily caloric intake should be from healthy fats (roughly 30%).

8. If Possible, Stand Up To Work!

A sedentary lifestyle is hard to avoid when we are forced to sit for hours at a time at work. If your boss allows it, try to incorporate standing desks into your workspace, both at home and at work. You will burn more calories by standing, and you will regularly be using stabilizer muscles.

Bam, And This Is You For The Summer


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