Benefits of Heavy Squats on Massive Muscle Gain

In order to build muscle in an effective manner, you need to use free weights. This is because you are actually able to lift the heaviest weights using barbells. This enables you to gain more muscle because you are straining yourself more. This does not however mean that you need to stress your body into breaking down. It means that straining your muscles is good for them as they are able to build resistance as they heal which makes them stronger and even bigger than before.
With the use of barbells, you are assured of safety because they facilitate natural movement. Your movements are fluid and they do not force your body into movements and patterns which are not natural. In addition, you are able to perform a wide variety of exercises with the barbells which helps to break the monotony and keep you not only motivated, but focused as well.

Benefits of Heavy Squats on Massive Muscle Gain

The proper execution of barbell squats enables you to gain huge amounts of muscle on your body and they have been proven to be the most essential exercise that you can do for your legs. In fact, their effects and benefits are not only limited to the legs. Your whole upper part of the body benefits from these squats too.
Barbell squats really require a lot of energy to do effectively in addition to quite a bit of strength. This process makes your body release larger amounts of testosterone and also the growth hormone. Your central nervous system communicates to the hypothalamus which then sends a message to the pituitary gland. This gland then secretes luteinizing hormones which in turn trigger the production of testosterone from the testicles. These hormones are both anabolic and their additional release enables your body to gain more mass in muscle all over and not just in the legs. Barbell squats are a mandatory requirement for anybody who is serious about gaining muscle. They incorporate the use of more muscles than any other form of training.
The key is to perform them regularly. Research has proven that in everything which we do, our bodies thrive and flourish in a regularized environment. This is true for getting up time, mealtimes and even going to bed. It is also especially true when it comes to your exercise program. The foundation of your exercise program should be based on incorporating barbell squats and this ought to be incorporated into your daily program. The success of these squats actually determines how well you are going to do on the rest of the training. For instance, once you have been doing barbell squats regularly for a few weeks, you are able to lift more weights at the bench presses because the squats have benefited your entire body.
In instances where you begin to feel like you are stressing your body, you can take a break between squats and do them every other day instead of everyday. This will enable your body to conserve its strength and rest so as to heal the muscles an recover in time for the next round of barbell squats. Work with that which is best for you.
When doing barbell squats, it is advisable to take a cup of coffee about 10 to 15 minutes before you begin. This is because as a pre- workout drink, the caffeine in the coffee works to focus your mind and also to help you to endure more. Set up a cycle however so that as much as you are getting every benefit from the caffeine, you are also ensuring that you are careful not to get addicted to it to such a point that you cannot work out without it. Endurance is important to build when it comes to barbell squats because they require a lot of energy and physical strength. They affect the quads, the glutes and the hamstring but they also mobilize the rest of the body for purposes of stabilization.
In order to do these squats effectively and therefore reap their full benefits, do the squat with a barbell with a weight on it. It is best to choose a weight which will challenge you but not kill you. The choices are between heavy, moderate and light weight. It is advised that you do not over train but rather, do the number of reps that you are able to without stressing your body.

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