Boost Your Muscle Building Effort – 3 Types of Drinks to Gain Weight

If you are looking to find out which kinds of drinks to gain weight and build muscles are the best, then you are in the right place. This article will teach you about the different kinds of drinks that are easy to prepare and can be done on your own kitchen at home. There is nothing wrong with drinking high-priced protein powders, but preparing your own drinks will allow you to have more control over the flavor as well as the caloric content of the drink.

3 Types of Drinks to Gain Weight
Protein Drinks
Although most fitness experts would recommend solid foods when it comes to consuming protein for muscle building, drinking protein rich drinks is also being recommended. Although protein drinks do not contain any ingredient that could magically transform your body to a muscular physique, it has a lot of nutrients in them, equivalent to that of a chicken. Of course, your protein drink will not be as delicious as that of a piece of chicken, but it still has the ability to deliver the same nutritional content.
When preparing your own protein drink, look for the best protein powder in the market and blend it with a 150 ml skim milk. Mix all the ingredients and pour over a blender. Blend it for a few minutes and you’ll soon be able to come up with the most delicious and nutritious protein drink.
Carbohydrate Drinks
High carbohydrate enriched drinks are actually considered to be the best drinks to gain weight and increase muscle mass. But take note that not all carbohydrate enriched drinks are safe, because some can be hazardous to our health. The main benefit of drinking carbo-enriched drinks is that they boost one’s energy levels, which is necessary to perform strenuous muscle building exercises.
To prepare carbohydrate enriched drinks, simply add fruits to your choice of shake. This would normally require you to blend the fruits and the shake altogether, although doing this will not allow you to control both the nutrient ratio and tailor the taste of the shake according to your specific needs. It is best to prepare your carbohydrate shake from scratch by blending a banana with your milk or be more creative by adding a combination of whatever fruits you like best.
Low Fat Milk Drinks
Since our childhood years, our parents have been telling us that milk is the most important food to drink. The protein in milk is actually eighty percent whey and twenty percent casein, and both of these nutrients are high-quality proteins and known as a “fast protein” due to its ability to quickly break down into amino acids and be absorbed to the bloodstream. Therefore, low fat milk drinks are best to be consumed right after your workout.
To get the most nutrients out of milk, while consuming only a few amount of fat and calories, always go for fat-free milk, like skim milk and low-fat milk drinks. In order to get the most out of your milk drink, always go for low fat milk such as skim milk. Try to drink a glass of milk each meal and do this more than three times each day.Now if you are a chocolate person, then you may go for low fat chocolate milk drinks for a more delicious drink with the same nutritious benefits.
So the next time you hit the gym, try to bring along any of the drinks to gain weight mentioned above. These drinks are so quick and easy to prepare and will be able to help your muscles to grow and become stronger. There are no other better ways of feeding your muscles after a strenuous workout than by drinking a glass of your favorite milk!



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