Diet to Cut Fat and Boost Metabolism

The Evident Struggle to Lose Body Fat
A friend of mine told me that now that he was in his late thirties, he couldn’t lose any weight. He said that he went on a strict diet of eating nothing but chicken breasts and salads, as well as drinking green tea and mineral water. And after the first two weeks were over, he just gave up, because he only lost 1 pound. “At the rate that I’m going”, he said, “It’ll take me over a year for me to lose the 30 pounds of weight that’s been bothering me”.
Diet to Cut Fat and Boost Metabolism

But if only he had kept to his diet…
Whenever I give advice about dieting, I always tell them that “the first 2 weeks are like a runway…” And once you’ve reached the end of the runway (after 2 weeks) your body will adjust, and switch into “fat burning mode”. Your body will in “fat storing mode” if you don’t exercise regularly. And also… your body needs to be in a “semi-fasted” state (which is basically eating less). It’ll take a while for all of the carbohydrates to exit your body. A low-carb diet with cardio is a good place to start. And once all food energy is out of your system, the fat will just melt off!
No need to worry about having your fat loss slowing down… because it will actually speed up!
Remember the story about my friend? If he waited a few more weeks after the 2nd week of dieting, he would have a different story to tell. It isn’t odd for someone to lose 4-5 pounds per week after week 3 or 4. This is my favourite part of the dieting, and the fat burning momentum has begun! This when the body transformations happens.
After you Set Up your Fat Burning Momentum, Diet Harder for even Faster Results!
The worst thing you can do is give up on a diet once you’ve reached the fat burning zone. I actually recommend being more strict with your dieting, and even add some cardio to capitalize on your weight loss results. Don’t take this “window of opportunity” for granted. Try to double your results if possible. If you cheat too much, you might need to start again, with another two weeks of “runway dieting”, (and you wouldn’t want to do that). If you can diet for 2 months straight, I guarantee you’ll see some dramatic results.

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