Getting Eggy With It: 6 Ways To Prepare Eggs

As a bodybuilder, you’ve no doubt done your fair share of studying what the mass monsters of our sport are eating on a daily basis, right? You see their videos where they trudge out of bed at the ungodly hour of 10 am (yes, being a pro bodybuilder seems tough!) They wander into their kitchen and without exception, they always seem to enjoy the same breakfast every day: Eggs.
If you’re not a master chef, that’s okay. You don’t need to be a culinary wizard; you just need to know how to move eggs from their raw state to the cooked format without burning the house down. Here are some methods for preparing eggs so that your muscles will have the protein recovery fuel needed to grow, grow, grow!

6 Ways To Prepare Eggs
This is probably the most delicious method, but not the easiest when you’re talking about the 8 to 12 eggs that most muscle-heads eat for breakfast each day! Flipping that many eggs can be messy at best. But if you like the outcome, dig in, and don’t forget the toast!
With oatmeal
On the surface, this may sound a bit more than mildly disgusting. However, the truth of the matter is that many bodybuilders do cook up scrambled eggs with a cup or two of oats mixed in. Cream of wheat may also be used. The result is a very hot, very creamy and ‘goopy’ mixture that actually tastes pretty good. Add ketchup for better ideal fat-free accommodation to palette.
Hard boiled
Easy to prepare, but a pain in the neck to peel. Use the new peeler kitchen utensil, and stock them away for quick consumption at any time of the day when you need a quick boost of protein and fat. Toss the hardened yolk if fat and cholesterol are a concern for you.
A tad messy in the kitchen, but delicious, fast, and very nutritious. Pick up a poacher at Wal-Mart for under 5 bucks and get those eggs boiling!
Egg Salad
This requires the use of boiling, peeling and cutting, along with a nice fat free mayonnaise, but the ability to eat a few eggs on a sandwich can deter one from indulging in fast food yuckiness and sloth on a daily basis.
Perhaps the easiest egg preparation method of all, is to just crack them in a pan, mix and fry. Dig in!
Finally, no discussion of egg consumption would be complete without the mention of Eggbeaters or egg whites, which provide a fat-free, albeit costly alternative to actual eggs. Your options with cooking are a bit more limited, but the results are great in that you’re able to measure and pour very quickly.
Now that you know a few tips on better egg consumption, it’s time to get cracking. Some shells, that is…



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