How To Gain Muscle – Some Secrets That Will Guarantee Results

When you hit the gym, what is your goal? Are you interested in overall fitness and muscle conditioning, or are you focusing on how to gain muscle to maximize your physique to build an impressive muscle mass? If it’s your desire to maximize your workouts and boost your gains, and if you want to get ripped and show off those washboard abs that turn heads, then these proven techniques of muscle body building are for you:

How To Gain Muscle - Some Secrets That Will Guarantee Results
First, get a set of targets and be prepared to meet them. Building great muscle doesn’t happen by chance or overnight. You’ll probably have to put in hundreds of hours to obtain the gains you’re looking for. Because of this you need a plan of action, a map to take you in the right direction. Be loyal to the path you have chosen. Getting distracted or sidetracked because you think another system may give you better results, quicker, will certainly set you back. As already stated, if you want to know how to gain muscle and have great success in body building I can tell you right now that it won’t happen unless you have a plan.
Second, use the three principal weight training exercises for effective muscle body building success. They are well known: (a) the bench press, (b) the squat, (c) the dead lift. These traditional exercises provide the shortest, most direct and most effective path on how to gain muscle, to develop strength, improve muscle condition, and give you those impressive gains that you’re looking for. Hey, these exercises may not be trendy or hip but every body building course needs to include these three primary exercises.
Third, when you undertake these routines, push yourself to the limits of what you can bear. What this means is that your exercise routine should be designed so that each of your exercises take up equal time and effort but by the completion of the third exercise you can’t do another repetition because you are totally fatigued. For example, you may start the three exercise sets with a weight that you know will have you fully fatigued in your third set. You might plan to do fifteen reps in your bench press and squat, but because of fatigue by the time you get to your dead lift you’re only able to do ten reps. This means your routine on how to gain muscle is properly designed because your three sets push you to your limits. To ensure you get to complete each exercise set, it may pay to change the order of the sets every so often.
Fourth, it is very important to eat the right amount and type of food for muscle growth. Generally it is not a good idea to diet if you are undergoing these energy intensive exercise routines. This is counterproductive. If you want to lose weight then you need to be using a different exercise regime, one that is not so tough. The secret in how gain muscle is to ensure that your protein uptake is adequate because muscle is pure protein, and so it makes sense that if your aim is to build muscle you must supply your body with the resources it needs to do the job – this is a must.
When you exercise, your muscle actually starts to break down during the exercise. During your resting phase your body rebuilds the muscle from protein reserves but tends to add more muscle than was damaged and this is how your extra muscle develops. If there is inadequate reserve protein available (obtained from what you have eaten) in your body, your body will breakdown protein from elsewhere to use to repair the exercised muscle. This is not good! So after your intensive workouts it is a good idea to have a concentrated protein drink or a protein bar. If the results of your hard work are disappointing then it may be that your protein intake is inadequate – true!
Fifth, make sure you get plenty of rest. OK it is easy to be gung-ho! and use every waking hour focusing on how to gain muscle and building a body beautiful, but your body needs rest to recuperate and repair the muscles you have been exercising. This is very important. If the results you are getting are disappointing, the lack of a decent amount of rest could be the reason why. Never underestimate the importance of rest and sleep in your quest to build and sculptor your body. In fact I would say to you that the rest component is just as important as the exercise component in successful body building. Train hard, but get the rest you need.
So how does this break down.
– Set Goals
– Use the three primary exercises: bench press, squat and dead lift.
– Push yourself to the limit each time you exercise.
– Ensure your protein intake is adequate
– Balance exercise with rest
Good luck with you progress!



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