Masturbation and Muscle Gain: Is There a Connection?

Among serious bodybuilders, there has long been a debate over whether there is any connection between masturbation and muscle gain. Even among those who rarely lift a dumbbell, there are plenty of jokes about a disproportionate muscle size on the arm with which one masturbates. But is there really a correlation between pumping the penis and developing muscles? And if so, how might this connection affect one’s penis health routine?

Masturbation and Muscle Gain: Is There a Connection?

The testosterone connection
Why should masturbation have any effect on muscle growth in men? It’s all related to testosterone.
Many bodybuilders use steroids in order to boost their testosterone levels because testosterone is usually associated with greater gain in muscle. However, it should be noted that there is a great deal of disagreement over whether there is truly a cause-and-effect relationship between more testosterone and muscle gain.
Some studies have indicated that boosting the T-levels does indeed promote more massive muscle; however, other studies have shown that the difference is fairly insignificant, while others have indicated that there really is no benefit.
In other words, there is no definitive answer. And until there is, many men will work under the assumption that the studies showing a connection are correct.
The masturbation effect.
But assuming testosterone affects muscle growth doesn’t answer the question of whether penis play impacts a guy’s quest for a great body. Why? Because there are two trains of thought here:
– Masturbation decreases testosterone levels and has a negative impact on muscle growth.
– Masturbation increases testosterone levels and has a positive impact on muscle growth.
The abstinence argument
Those who believe that masturbation decreases testosterone think that refraining from masturbation is necessary. This theory argues that ejaculating produces an immediate decrease in testosterone levels and that men do not regain their pre-release levels for almost a week.
Again, there are some studies the results of which back up this theory. At the least, it does seem true that there is a dip in testosterone following release, although there is some debate as to how long that dip lasts.
The go-for-it argument
On the other hand, there are also some who believe that masturbation aids in building muscle. The basis for this argument is essentially a “use it or lose it” one: The more of a workout that the penis gets, the greater a man’s overall sexual health. Allowing the penis to orgasm several times a week may produce some slight dips, but it makes for a healthier penis and an overall higher level of testosterone. Again, there are studies that support this view as well.
Another argument in favor of savoring one’s sex organs is that the release of tension accompanying masturbation helps to relax the muscles and aid in the “downtime” between workouts during which muscles grow.
Different strokes
With no definitive answer, each man will decide what he believes where muscle and masturbation are concerned. But whether or not a man discerns a connection, it is imperative that he not sacrifice penis health in pursuit of total body health.
One way to keep the rod healthy is simply to add regular use of a quality penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to one’s routine. Working out creates sweat all over the body, and that can cause issues with the penis, including persistent odor and skin irritation. A crème that includes vitamin A is well-positioned to fight the bacteria that causes rank manhood odor. At the same time, if the crème contains a high-end emollient (think Shea butter) plus a natural hydrator (vitamin E is excellent), it can help maintain proper penis skin moisturization and ward off nasty dermatological issues. Let’s face it: A ripped torso is an amazing asset, but it won’t compensate for an unappealing package when the jock comes off.


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