What You Should Eat Before, During and After Exercise!

Many people wonder what you really should eat before and after exercise, and how long before and after the workout meal should be consumed. There are many studies done who arrived with very different answers to the question. However, evidence suggests that it is a myth that you can eat anything after training.

What You Should Eat Before, During and After Exercise!

This is very individual. For most people however, it is sufficient eating 2-3 hours before exercise. Try also to test an apple or a handful of nuts a half hour or so before training. It is time to adjust habits if you are one of them who eat a lot in a short time before training. There is otherwise a risk that you feel sick and get cramps in the muscles during exercise. It is almost worse to exercise on an empty stomach. When you starts to work out the blood sugar drops and you will feel weaker, a little dizzy, and do less. To train with too little food in the body increases also the risk of injury significantly.
Then what should you eat during training? This is different for every person. Some have more energy to eat something light while they are training, while others will be tough to eat while they are training.
The nutrition you need before, during and after exercise to ensure you have the energy as much as possible and recover the maximum depends on many factors depends on how your body works, what you ate for breakfast, what you train, how fit you are and so on.
Many argue, for example, that it is important to eat plenty of protein as soon as possible after exercise, others argue that they need protein in combination with carbohydrates immediately after exercise to achieve the best results. And then there are those who come to the conclusion that Muscle Building supplements not have any major significance but it is the intake of calories during the day as a whole that matters.

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