Why Is It That Our Meal Consumption Is Not Enough to Supplement Our Body in Weight Training?

I have been visiting the gym for several years now and have managed to reduce my weight by more than 10 kg over the whole period of time. Over these years, I have considered and attempted to consumer bodybuilding supplement to enhance my training and help me achieve my objectives possibly faster and more effectively.

Build Muscle
I have tried consuming the Whey, as well as some muscle gain supplement, creatine and a host of other supplement known to be helpful to my workout. However I have thought why is it that the food we consume everyday seems not enough to cover the nutrient needs like protein? Are we not supposed to consume balanced diet so that our body has the necessary nutrient to function or grow even more in our bodybuilding program?
Well, the food that we consume does contain enough protein as well as other necessary nutrients that help in growth of our body system. However, the nutrients are generally adequate only for our daily normal living needs. When we go to the gym, we exhaust a lot more energy than usual daily living. We tend to burn some fat, tear off some muscles so that new muscle can be built on, and train up our stamina. Such strenuous exercising exhaust lots of our energy and would require even more food to supplement them. Unless we are prepared to eat 5-6 meals or more a day, we are unlikely able to cover this nutrient needs due to gym training.
Besides, we all desire to build muscles that are huge as well as well toned. We usually need to work very hard to achieve those great looking muscles and there is no easy shortcut for that. Well, certain supplement is known to be able to speed up this process and help us achieve our desired body shape faster. Hence another role of weight training supplement is to help in speeding up the muscle building process, hence attain that wonderful body shape much earlier than merely consuming staple food.
In summary, staple food and normal diet is able to provide the necessary nutrients and energy for our normal living daily needs. However, for the bodybuilders, they need more than just the nutrients provided by these staple food, they need the supplement to cover those energy lost through training, they need the specific nutrients found in the supplement to help build their muscle up. And supplement will also help in attaining the bodybuilding goals earlier. So do consider the weight training supplement as one of the key nutrient supplies if you intend to step into the gym and work it out.



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