Why Squats Are Essential to Your Bodybuilding Routine

Several bodybuilders are so enamored with the bench press that they forget to use one of the most effective full body exercise – the squats. The squats is known as the grand daddy of all exercises because of the benefits one can get from it.

Why Squats Are Essential to Your Bodybuilding Routine

First, the squats build strength and initiate muscle growth on the largest muscle in your body – your legs. The legs consist of several muscle parts but are mainly divided in groups such as: the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes/ buttock muscles and calves. During squats the quadriceps is the main muscle group targeted, however, the hamstrings, glutes and calves also participate in the compound movement of the squats.
Secondly, the squats not only involve the leg muscle group but also initiate resistance to your upper muscle group like your trapezius and your back muscles. When the bar sits and digs down into your trapezius, you struggle to lift it up thus creates the aggressive movement we want to develop and gain lean mass.
Third, the squats promotes a good cardio routine. I always prepare myself – in terms of rest and proper nutrition (carbs, protein and fats) before my leg day. It involves a lot of effort to push the bar during the squat routine that it literally burns more calories than most body part exercises. When I do bench press, lat pull downs or barbell rows I don’t pant and almost puke just like when I do squats. It’s intense and almost insane to do!
As most pro bodybuilders would say, if you’re so busy that you could only workout once a week which exercise would you choose and why? The majority of their answers are squats! Because, it’s a total body workout that involves almost all of your major muscle group and it burns calories like a furnace.

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