12 Powerful Tips to Building Muscle Fast

Interested in building muscle fast huh? Then you can’t afford not to read this article. We’ve prepared 12 essential truths about mass building that are needed for optimum results. Let’s get started now…

12 Powerful Tips to Building Muscle Fast

1. Hammering out a bunch of biceps curls will not give you big guns… You need to increase your overall mass to get the arms you know you want!
2. It’s better to train more, and eat more, than to train less, and eat less. Want results? You’re going to have to work for them!
3. You don’t need a training partner to get big (but it helps). I packed on my first 16 pounds of muscle working out in my basement alone… You can too!
4. PLEASE stop talking and start taking action! It gets tiring to see the skinny guys wanting to get huge, but all they ever do is hang around forums asking questions instead of getting out there and investing their own time and effort into learning through action!
5. Stop with the “fake” lifts! You know the ones I’m talking about. You see it in the gym all the time. 1 man bench pressing more than he can handle, while his partner yells at him “You’re doing great! It’s all you man!” All the while, the partner is helping him lift… What a knucklehead!
6. Stop trying to find the easy way out! This takes effort and you know it!
7. Results are all that matters. Who cares what everyone else ‘thinks’ – All you should care about is if it’s working for you right? You’re the one who wants to look good!
8. Most trainee’s work out for a whole year and look exactly the same! Hmmm… Something’s not right here! Most will look identical the next year as well! Time to invest in a good program!
9. Don’t take advice from just anyone! Would you take financial advice from someone with less money than you? Something to think about isn’t it!
10. Is your program complete? A complete program entails: Strength work, movement patterns, flexibility, injury prevention, core training, recovery enhancement etc… Most programs you buy contain 1 or 2 areas, but neglect the rest… Are you missing any of these? If so, you’re robbing yourself of results!
11. Stop with the body part workouts, and focus on full body workouts instead. Unless you’re already in great shape, you’ll need to build the entire body before targeting specific body parts.
12. Most supplements available on the market carry only a 30% absorption rate. This means 70% of your investment is going down the tubes! This is usually done intentionally to increase profits as you have to keep coming back for more. Watch carefully what you invest your hard earned money into!


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