Bodybuilding – How to Accelerate Your Muscle Growth

Building muscle isn’t easy, it isn’t just lifting weights. Yes that is a very important factor as it is how you stimulate your muscles to grow, but if you are looking for fast growth you need to implement two other main factors into your bodybuilding routine.
Bodybuilding - How to Accelerate Your Muscle Growth
Firstly you need to understand that when trying to build muscle through weights you are breaking your muscle fibres BUT don’t worry because this is a good thing. Your broken muscle fibres come back bigger and stronger and all this is through the miracle of (drum roll)…REST!
Rest is an important factor for building those muscles because this is when your body repairs itself. Rest doesn’t just mean sleep, it means resting some days of your routine – you should only be working out 3-5 times a week no more otherwise you won’t give yourself enough time to recover and rebuild. Sleeping is also critical in the rest sector, sleep should be the minimum of 8 hours or less if you are going to have naps in your day.
As mentioned above rest is the period when your body rebuilds but do you think that the body does that itself? No! It needs your help especially when you try to build muscle. You need to give it the essential nutrition!
When bodybuilding you will need to consume a healthy and balanced diet. This is so that your body can be supplied with the energy to workout, go through the day and also give it the energy to recover too.
A decent body building diet should be high in protein and by high I mean that the amount you way you should consume (180 pounds in weight you should consume 180 grams of protein). Protein is the building blocks for your growth and by supplying enough to your body you will be able to repair those muscles faster.
You should look to consume 6 meals a day with each meal giving you about 30gramms of protein. This will give you the protein intake you need and also the energy and nutrition to last you the whole day.
Make sure that you have:
  • A good healthy diet that is high in protein to build and recover your muscles
  • At least 8 hours sleep
  • Rest days from your workout



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