Bodybuilding Myths Vs Truth

There are a lot of bodybuilding myths out there that should be busted right now. They are giving people false hopes about bodybuilding. It also makes bodybuilding sound easy. The real truth is that bodybuilding is not as easy as you think. Most bodybuilders spend years to achieve their perfect, ripped body; this with the help of multiple supplements as well as a lot of intensive and extensive training.

Bodybuilding Myths Vs Truth

Myth No.1: You can become as big as a pro-bodybuilder if you work out for a long period of time
Let us tell you that what the magazines have been telling you are lies. Pro bodybuilders get their bulky muscles by using steroids and growth enhancing drugs. It is not possible to become as muscular as them even if you work out for 10-20 years. Drugs help pro bodybuilders to manipulate their hormones so that their body can increase the ability to pack on muscle mass. Exercise alone will never get them to achieve those tree bark like muscle veins. Nevertheless, you can always choose to join natural bodybuilders. They believe in natural supplements and training to build their body. That’s your safe way to bodybuilding.
Myth No 2: Your muscles will grow bigger if you work out more
This myth causes a lot of beginner bodybuilders to overwork. Working out too much is not helping to build your muscle mass. Overworking will only cause muscle failure, which in turn, will take approximately one week for you to recover. You should be working out consistently, for 3-4 days a week. In between your workouts, do some cardio to maintain your fitness level. It is not true that the more you work out, the bigger you will become.
Myth No 3: The longer you work out, the better it is for muscle development
No, it is not necessarily better to work out longer. The main point in working out is to achieve muscular fatigue. You can achieve this in just one set of workout. For instance, when you lift weights, you are working on every muscle of your body; legs, biceps and triceps, back and chest muscles. If doing one set is enough to tire your muscles out, you don’t need to work out more. Otherwise, you’ll experience muscle failure. When you achieve muscle fatigue, rest your muscles before your next workout. This will give the muscles an opportunity to grow. The myth is again, proved to be just a myth.
Myth No 4: A hundred sit ups will get you a washboard abdomen in the end of the day
This is overrated. There is no such thing as achieving a washboard abdomen in one day. You can do a sit up until you faint but there is no way you are going to get those six packs in one day. For your information, exercise only will not help to flatten your tummy. You also need to watch out your diet. Otherwise, your hundred sit ups is just a vain attempt to gain six packs.

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