Diet Solution – 3 Fat Loss Solutions To Burn Belly Fat

You’re frustrated. You’ve tried countless diet solutions but nothing seems to work. Diet doctors and workout gurus have inundated you with crazy, and down right dangerous workouts and diets. These diets and workout solutions all promise miracle results in 10 days or less. You’ve seen the ads or possibly have tried the “kool aid” but nothing seemed to work. You did exactly what they said and 10 days later you’re still in the same position you were before.

Diet Solution - 3 Fat Loss Solutions To Burn Belly Fat
Not to worry I have 3 fat loss tips to help you discover the solution to belly fat once and for all. Don’t worry doesn’t involve a 10 day diet plan.
1. Solution #1 – I know you’ve probably heard it before – Strength training must be a major part of your fat loss solution. Strength training builds muscle which in turn elevates your metabolism, thereby burning more calories and burning more fat. You’re probably asking what does having more muscle have to do with burning belly Fat? Well, it has everything to do with it. You see like I was saying more muscle Equals more calories burned – Right? That means less fat on your body therefore less Fat on your belly.
Solution #2 – This may seem a little weird but definitely works. Its cinnamon, who would have thought that something that tastes so good could burn belly fat Some of the benefits of cinnamon – controls blood sugar, helps maintain insulin sensitivity, and is a powerful anti- oxidant, plus tons of other benefits You see cinnamon doesn’t burn belly fat directly such as by elevating metabolism rate, etc it does it indirectly.I already mentioned all the benefits of cinnamon, but the main contributor that will help you find a solution to belly fat is it’s strong effect on maintaining blood sugar levels in your body.
Cinnamon can also increase insulin sensitivity, that means it’s aiding your body in controlling blood sugar while also allowing your body to make less insulin.If your insulin levels are high you will definitely have more belly fat Just sprinkle cinnamon on foods such as yogurt, oatmeal, cottage cheese, smoothies or any other food you can think of. This can help help control blood sugar and insulin response which will help Keep energy levels on an even keel and control cravings decreasing belly fat.
Solution #3 Multi – Joint Movements – We’ve already discussed the importance of strength training as a solution to fat loss. Well multi joint movements takes it a step further. You see there are specific exercises that you can do to accelerate fat loss on your body, specifically belly fat.
The exercises that you do all burn calories but some exercises burn a lot more than others. The reason multi – joint movements burn more calories than others is there is more muscle involved in the exercise. For example performing a squat involves the quadriceps, hamstring, low back, and many other muscles. The bicep curl a single joint movement involves the biceps a much smaller muscle and only one muscle so far less calories burned. Other examples of multi- joint movements are deadlifts, barbell rows, lunges, etc. So if your goal is to burn as much fat as possible in your workouts multi- joint movements should be a part of your exercise routine.
There you have it, utilize these 3 workout and diet solutions to help burn the belly fat and aid you in living a longer, healthier, more energetic life.



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