Is Peanut Butter Healthy – The Staggering Question Prevails

Sure there are practically a number of ways to eat your peanut butter spread. While some simply loves the nutty kick, some prefers its creamy undertone on bread and celery. Whatever it is, the jar of delicious butterscotch peanut butter sitting quietly at your shelf is simply nutritious and healthy.

Is Peanut Butter Healthy - The Staggering Question Prevails
According to the American Peanut Council, there are more than 30 vitamins and minerals in it which offers you that ultimate nutritional value for overall bone and muscle development. Of course peanut butter is healthy.
Now lets us take a closer look
Your favorite jar is loaded with protein and fibers. While protein typically renders you energy, the fiber which greatly reduces appetite and improves the overall digestive system for easy bowel activities. Wait, before you take a mouthful of butterscotch peanut butter, your hot favorite food also contains riboflavin, a particular type of vitamin, which helps in increasing red blood cell production.
Moreover, it also helps in building and in boosting the metabolism muscles. Yes, it’s definitely good to kick start your day a PB&J sandwich with a tall glass of cold milk for bones, lean muscle and also for added nutrition
2 Table spoons of peanut butter contains the following nutritional benefits
— It contains 200 mg of potassium.
— It has significant amount of Magnesium
— The healthy nutty spread is also loaded with Vitamin E, which helps in combating the free radical damage
— Yes, just 2 table spoon of your favorite butterscotch peanut butter contains 2.9mg of vitamin E, folate, which is a particular type of vitamin in preventing birth defects during pregnancy.
— Possibly you know this already, Magnesium plays a key role in nerve, and muscle functions and in keeping the bones strong. Just two tablespoon of the spread provides 50 mg of magnesium!
— Just two table spoon of this nutty delight has 7 grams of protein also 2 grams of dietetic fiber
You are free to indulge your senses by spreading it bread or graham crackers, crackers and on fruits like bananas, strawberries and apples. How about getting more creative? Go ahead and add a dollop of this nutty spread to your pancake mixture, or create tasty frosting, bake cakes or cookies with it.
Is peanut butter healthy even if it contains saturated fats?
Well, the obvious answer to this question is a big and resounding yes. This is typically because just the presence of saturated fat doesn’t necessarily push any food into the so called unhealthy category. Tofu, olive oil and even wheat germ all have some amount of saturated fats and that doesn’t make them unhealthy. The same logic is also applicable for the buttery and nutty spread. In fact, it is typically the whole package of the nutrients, and definitely not just the one or two nutrients which typically determines the health of the food!
Full of protein and loaded with healthy fats, peanuts are a great source of nutritional value. As per a recent research unveiled by the Harvard Medical School peanuts have almost the same amount of fats as olive oil. And this healthy snack has been famed for reducing the risk of heart disease as well as type 2 diabetes.



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