The Best Shoulder Workout Weightlifting Routines

The best shoulder workout weight routines are those that focus on building muscle mass and strength quickly and efficiently. They often consist of overhead presses and lateral weightlifting moves, which can rapidly result in deltoid muscle mass and increased strength in the deltoid region. The best shoulder workout will target the deltoid muscles, removing stress from the chest and upper back, and targeting the deltoids specifically. Many exercises are capable of working all three muscle regions simultaneously, but you want to focus your efforts more closely on the shoulder muscles in a good shoulder routine.

The Best Shoulder Workout Weightlifting Routines

The military press is among one of the most popular methods of developing the shoulders. It is a move that has served many weightlifters well in the past, and will continue to be one of the best exercises for targeting the deltoids. With this simple press, you can rest assured that you are targeting the right muscles to bulk up the shoulders and increase your strength and stamina. The military press can be done in a seated or standing position. It requires that you keep your back straight, and the use of a back brace is recommended in order to avoid lower back injury.
Other popular shoulder routines include the dumbbell press and the clean and press. Either of these exercises can be added to your routine as a sure way to target the shoulders. Many of the best shoulder workouts include multiple exercises. Keeping yourself engaged in your workout is important to your long term success. Many weightlifters find they are more likely to stick to a routine if that routine varies from day to day. Tossing a variety of exercises into the routine can keep you from becoming bored or disconnected.
Proper targeting of the shoulder muscles can be achieved. You must focus your shoulder workouts on the deltoids and trapezius muscles. The best way to target the trapezius is though lateral presses. Switching up the direction of lateral presses allows you to build all sections of the trapezius region. By adjusting the angle of the lateral moves, you ensure that the upper, lower, and central traps are all worked equally. The best shoulder workout for you will be one that you can commit to. You may need to try out some of the various weightlifting exercises before settling on your standard routine. Once you’ve decided on a routine, you must stick with it, remaining dedicated to your long term bodybuilding goals.

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