4 Cheap Protein Foods for Muscle Growth

Protein is the life source for all of us and is a vital macronutrient to have within your diet regardless if you are seeking to build muscle or not. Macronutrient is the term for the three larger nutrients you should be consuming within your diet to keep your body healthy and strong, and aside from protein the other two are carbohydrates and dietary fats.
4 Cheap Protein Foods for Muscle Growth
What is Protein used for?
The nutrient known as protein is referred to as the building block of life since it is found within all processes taking place within your body such as growth and digestion, but we are focusing on its crucial benefits to help assist with muscle repair and growth. When you physically exert yourself with or without weights, your muscles receive microscopic tears causing that dull aching feeling in your muscles after training.
Protein comes to the rescue and helps your torn muscles repair themselves, which usually takes place overnight, and then after this process they begin to grow stronger and fuller. This is a continuing cycle as you train throughout the weeks, months, and years. Unfortunately, a lot of fitness enthusiast are deficient in this nutrient because they either don’t know the right foods to eat, or cannot afford protein powders to make up for the loss.
1) Eggs
Almost every trainer and nutritionist will agree that eggs are a cheap source of protein that you can purchase from just about every market, but the disagreement is whether or not to consume the whole egg. The reason why is because eggs contain cholesterol, which you may know causes arteries to clog and is the precursor to heart problems. However, the right consumption leads to great protein intake amongst other nutrients.
Long story short, the cholesterol gained from consuming two whole eggs a day is actually beneficial since it helps with your hormone levels and assists with decreasing unhealthy cholesterol levels. Ironic right? If you wish to consume more protein from eggs, simply eat egg whites after the two whole eggs.
2) Canned Tuna
Canned tuna is yet another cheap protein rich food that you can find in most grocery stores. This food product contains plenty of protein and omega-fatty acids to help your muscles grow, and the fatty acids keep your nervous system healthy and functioning properly. The issue with this product is mercury. Mercury overdose leads to mental problems and possibly death for some, but that is a whole lot of canned tuna. One regular size can a day is perfectly fine, and provides up to 10 grams of protein.
3) Natural Peanut Butter
Note that it says “natural” peanut butter. Generic peanut butter contains hydrogenated oil to keep the texture smooth and easy to spread, which in return can lead to heart issues and fat gains. Natural peanut butter contains plenty of all the three macronutrients to help stimulate your body’s energy supply and allow for muscular growth. Peanut butter is perfect to eat by the spoonful between meals if you are trying to increase your mass as well.
4) Milk
Milk contains around 8 grams of protein per serving, and provides your body with the valuable nutrient calcium, which is a mineral that keeps your bones healthy and is part of certain processes in the body. Whole milk is the best and recommended because your body is able to digest it easier. People argue whole milk is bad because of the fat it contains, but the fat is good for you so long as you don’t consume half a gallon a day.
Eat and Muscles Grow
In the end your body needs plenty of whole nutrients such as protein in order to increase health muscular growth. The foods presented to you above are easy to find in most stores, and are very affordable compared to the outrageously priced protein powders you often see. Whey protein is fine for your diet, but don’t try to replace all your protein intake with a supplement that most likely has a bunch of additives.



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