Chest Exercises for Men – Get Bulky at Home

Did you know that there are chest exercises for men that do not require weights? These are the natural exercises that men can perform even at home. Yes you read it right, so set aside all the gym equipment as of the moment and exercise the natural way. Now that I got your attention, stick around and discover how to get bulky at home by reading the rest of this article.
Chest Exercises for Men - Get Bulky at Home

For men, the most common way to achieve an impressive chest that every girl will fancy about is by doing pectoral exercises. Chest exercises for men act on the largest muscle group in the body, thus making it the most active of all.
Here are some of the chest exercises that do not require weights.
1. Spartans Push-up: This is a very advance kind of push up. This is one of the most effective chest exercises for men which can be performed without using any weights at all.
· Lie face-down on the floor.
· Relax while keeping your hands and legs straight.
· Place your left palm just below the pectoral while the right palm on the normal position when you do the push-ups.
· Start the push-up as you exhale, doing 3 sets with 15-20 reps.
2. Hindu Push-up: This is a chest exercise for men which is perfect for building strong, powerful and stamina-driven shoulders, arms and pecs. More than just an exercise, it also increases the flexibility of your spine.
· Stand with your feet spread wider than your shoulders.
· Bend down and put your palms on the floor as if you’re in a dog position.
· Bend your elbows while bringing your chest down.
· Ensure that your chest doesn’t touch the floor and move forward using your chest.
· Push until you go back to the dog position. Hold this stance for a second while allowing your chest to open up.
· Repeat for 10-15 times.
3. Stability Ball Push-up: One of the chest exercises for men which requires a stability ball, making it much more challenging than it appears.
· Get a stability ball and place it on the floor.
· Stand with the ball in front of you and bend down while you rest your abdomen on it.
· Roll yourself forward, supporting yourself with your hands.
· Rest your shins on the ball while keeping your hands shoulder-width apart.
· Do like a normal push-up as you inhale and exhale as you go back to your original position.
. Do 3 sets with 15 reps.


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