Lower Chest Exercises – The 2 Most Effective Lower Chest Exercises!

Want a set of pectorals that’ll be a focal point for all the ladies at the beach and looking for some lower chest exercises that’ll get you there? If so, then read along – I have some great movements for you to implement into your workout routine.
Lower Chest Exercises
Decline Press: You can manipulate the muscle recruitment within the chest by altering the angle at which you perform the exercises. When you perform pressing movements at an incline, you’re targeting the upper portion of the chest – otherwise known as the pectoralis minor.
Likewise, when you perform the presses at a decline angle, you’ll be targeting the lower portion of the chest – specifically the pectoralis major. You’ll actually find that you’re able to lift a heavier load while pressing at a decline than you could at an incline.
Of course, with the decline pressing movements, all the same techniques apply – wrists and elbows in alignment, exhale on exertion, bring the barbell to the lower portion of the chest etc.
Parallel Bar Dips: This is yet another great exercise for the lower portion of the chest. With dips, it’s very important to pay close attention to your technique because shoulder injuries are rather common. When performing parallel bar dips to target the triceps, you’re instructed to maintain an upright posture and upon the decent, your shoulders are quite susceptible to injury.
When you’re trying to target the lower region of your chest, you need to lean forward (rather than maintain an upright posture) and in doing so, the stress on the shoulder region will actually be reduced – which is obviously a good thing.
So I Do I Even Perform These Exercises?
You didn’t think I would recommend exercises without showing you where you can get instructions and view video demonstrations, did you? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Here’s how to perform the…



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