How to Get a Bigger Chest for a More Attractive Body

Just look around the gym and you’ll see that for most guys its most likely chest day. The quest for a bigger chest is all about the desire to create a more attractive body. It’s a worthwhile reason, but a look around will tell you just as quick that it’s not going according to plan. The typical chest workout is not working out.
For many of us chasing a bigger chest just results in that all too common droopy pec look. This is a look that is far from attractive and the problem may well be the design of your workout itself.
How to Get a Bigger Chest for a More Attractive Body
How to get a bigger chest the right way
The fact is it’s about more than just being bigger. For a more attractive looking body you need to get better. So it is no good slapping meat on your pecs in an indiscriminate fashion. You want masculine looking pectorals with a hard defined look.
Just banging out a few sets of bench presses is not the answer. If you are thinking about how to get a better chest you have to start to think about how to get a better chest.
The problem with the bench
The bench press is not an isolation move and that means the effort you are putting in is being spread around. This is great for lifting more weight, but not so much for targeting and developing your chest muscles. Strongman or super-good looking man? You decide.
3 tips to a better chest:
1) Focus on the upper and outer pectoral
These areas are the key to the square and masculine look; you’ll look broader too for a great visual impact. It is totally possible to develop these areas, but the trick is to use isolation techniques to develop them.
2) Go incline on the bench
This targets the upper chest. Incline flyes are great because they take the triceps out of the equation.
The bench press to the neck is another great exercise, popularized by Vince Gironda which places emphasis on the outer pecs and will give you that wider look.
3) Use push-up bars
They offer you a variety of angles you can use and experiment with to get a better workout.
The great thing about working with bodyweight is that it takes the weight on the bar out of the picture. Since ego is the number one reason for not isolating the chest properly, this will definitely help you work out to build your chest the right way.
Remember, it’s not what you lift but what you get out of it; learning to get more out of less can be the key to your treasure chest.



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