Lower Ab Workouts For Men – You Will Drive Women Crazy

All men want to have awesome looking lower abs, but not many know how to get them. These are the muscles that create the V shape at your waistline and let me tell you women love it. There are certain exercises that will work these muscles a lot better than others that many men are unaware of. Let me help you get those great looking lower abs and help you impress the ladies.
Lower Ab Workouts For Men - You Will Drive Women Crazy
Lying Leg Raises
Lying leg raises are a very simple, yet effective exercise. They are so simple that many people think these should only be performed by beginners. That is a very narrow view of this exercise. To ensure that you really blast the lower portion of your abs with this exercise, do these at a faster tempo than you would normally do for ab exercises. You want to focus of “reversing” the movement at the bottom without your heels touching the ground.
As your abs get stronger, accelerate your legs on the way up and on the way down and aim for an even fast “reverse”. If you do these properly it is like explosive lifting, but for your lower abs. The strong contractions that you are doing repeatedly are going to really carve out your lower abs, and thus making the women go crazy.
Captain’s Chair
Captain’s Chair is another awesome exercise that really targets your lower abs. You are going to sit up straight on the edge of a chair, with your feet flat on the floor. Hold on to the edge of the chair and slowly bring your knees up to your chest without arching your lower back. Hold that for two seconds and then slowly lower your legs. Repeat that for 10-15 reps. To target your lower abs even more use your arms to hold yourself up in the air.
These two exercises alone will make a great ab workout. Along with these exercises, you need to drop all excess body fat in order to really see these awesome ab muscles. You are going to do this by creating a weekly calorie deficit. Notice how I said weekly, which means you can incorporate cheat days into your diet.
Now I know you are probably thinking this is going to be hard to get those lower abs you want, but the reward will be worth it. When you take off your shirt and your abs look cut and defined you will be very glad that you worked your butt off to get them that way. I hope these lower ab workouts will help all of you men get the abs you want!



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