How to Lose Fat, Not Muscle Mass – For the Ideal Male Body

Following the typical bulking and cutting approach we diet down losing excess bulk only to realise that all the weight we gained was fat in the first place! Even the pro bodybuilders who may be injecting all manner of hormones are pleased to gain 2lbs of actual muscle in a year. A year is a long time!
It can be pretty depressing to see all your gains go down the drain, so if you want to know how to lose fat and not muscle mass for the ideal male body, here are some tips.
1) Don’t bulk in the first place!
This tip may be too late but the best way to avoid the challenge is to avoid the idea of getting “big” in the first place, since it usually just means becoming a chubbier version of yourself. However if like many of us, it’s too late to apply this, don’t worry, you can turn it around. Just obey number 2…
2) Create an energy deficit
There are a million diet rules, but the only one you need follow is that of energy balance. Use more energy than you burn and the deficit has to come from somewhere. It does, from the fat stored all over your body, and you are on your way to fat loss. Simple, and it really can be, so long as you choose and use a nutrition plan that fits you.
3) Use it or lose it
You know how it works, so keep working out. What got you your muscle will keep your muscle.
4) Eat a nutrient dense diet
When you are eating below maintenance its more important than ever to make sure your diet still contains all the nutrients you need for optimum performance. You will actually find you are less hungry than you thought you would be when you eat less, so long as those foods are nutrient dense.
Use supplements such as cod liver oil and sea kelp for a boost to keep you in top form.
5) Stay hydrated
Drinking your liquids will not only help you feel full, it also helps your body flush out fat. In fact evidence suggests that drinking ice cold water can also be beneficial for burning fat, as there is an energy cost to your body of heating up the water to body temperature before it can be absorbed.
6) Fast
Intermittent fasting is an extremely powerful tool for melting body fat while maintaining muscle. Not only does it help you easily create the energy deficit needed for fat burning, but it also creates the optimal hormonal state in your body for melting fat while building lean muscle at the same time, for a better version of yourself.
7) Avoid overtraining
Cutting calories can be a drain on your body’s resources. Don’t add to it by training too much. Get out of the gym, recover, and live your life.
8) Take advantage of the benefits of low impact cardio such as walking
Low impact cardio is great because it’s not stressful on body or mind. You are pretty much always going to have the energy to walk. Plus walking has benefits such as aiding recovery, improving circulation and getting you out of the gym. That’s a win, win, win.
Follow these tips and you’ll be on track to lose fat and gain muscle, and heading towards the ideal male body. Enjoy the journey.



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