Workout Regimen for Beginners – How to Get the Ideal Male Body

With so many workout options; from kickboxing to kettle bells, Pilates to power lifting, what makes the best workout regimen for beginners who want the ideal male body?
Goals are your guide
What makes the best workout regimen depends on what you want to achieve. If you are looking to improve the look and shape of your body you will probably find your way to a bodybuilding style workout. Or it will find you. Bodybuilders seem to be on the leading edge of everything related to diet and fitness, after which it filters through into the mainstream.
You’ve got to admire their dedication even if you don’t want to look like them. That’s the problem; most guys and girls would much prefer to look like an underwear model than a bodybuilding champion. Since you don’t want to look like a hulked up bodybuilder, it figures that not everything about a bodybuilding workout is necessarily going to help you to get the look you want.
How to avoid the mistakes of a typical bodybuilding workout
1) Don’t over train
Just because you can stand a certain amount of exercise, it doesn’t mean that you need it.
Having a great body should enhance your enjoyment of life, not rob it. Living a life focused on the gym is not necessary to get the body you want.
2) Stick to your guns
You know you’ve been accepted by the “lifters” in the gym when someone asks how much you can bench. I don’t know about you, but who cares; I just want to look good in my underwear!!! I’m only half joking, it’s important to know what your goals are for exercise, not be swept along in what other people think you should be doing.
3) Workout for the body you really want
Not many of us grow up wanting to have 250lbs of mass that scares off girls; we want the look of the hero, not the hulk! Do you really want to have to wear MC Hammer pants? Me, I want to look as close as I can to the guy on the Calvin Klein box, and so my workouts are all about achieving that.
Though there is a lot we can learn from the dedication and methods of bodybuilders, the key is to adapt what they do to suit you and your goals, for a beginner workout regimen that starts you on a path you actually want to walk; the route to the ideal male body.



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