Top Supersets Chest Workout – Build Bigger, Stronger Pecs


Superset 2 – Flat Dumbbell Fly and Flat Dumbbell Press:


After the incline angles, we are now going to do some flat angle pairings. Take a pair of dumbbells and go to the bench. Do the flyes so you can stretch at the bottom and get your pectoral muscles ready for when you do the presses.

When you’ve completed 10 repetitions of the flyes, start doing presses without changing anything. Make sure you contract your chest muscles when you get to the top of the press, but don’t lock out your elbows.

Do two sets like this and for the third one, take them to complete muscle failure. If you do more than 10 reps that is really good, but if you push out more than 15, increase the weight.

When you reach muscle failure with your dumbbell flyes, do as many presses as you can.

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