Top 7 Bodybuilder Diet Tips For Muscle Growth

What you consume becomes part of your body, and it can either make or break your way to attaining muscle growth. Working out for endless hours in the gym isn’t the sole way of achieving a bodybuilder’s physique. Individuals will have to supplement their exercises with nutrients that the body needs as fuel. There are a number of natural and artificial foods and supplements available in the market, but at least 7 choices stand out. Below are the top 7 bodybuilder diet essentials that should be included in any bodybuilding program:

Whey Protein :Supplements all boast of having whey protein as an ingredient. With the large amount of protein needed daily, it may be impossible to pack all that amount in one sitting. Whey proteins solve the problem by helping complete the 1.0 to 1.2 grams of protein per pound of body weight requirement in a day.

Egg Whites :Protein is of utmost importance when it comes to body building. One of the purest forms of protein can be found in egg whites, which has 60 times greater protein than its fat content. If bodybuilders call this their holy grail, you might as well follow this proven diet.
Bodybuilder Diet

Fish : Not all types are bad for the health. Our body needs a regular supply of essential fatty acids, including omega-3 to help aid in building muscles. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids include sardines, trout, tuna, and salmon. For bodybuilders constantly on the go, canned fish may be a handy choice.

Slow-Burning Carbs Or Low Glycemic Carbs : During exercise, the body makes use of carbohydrates known as muscle glycogen as fuel. When these are used up, the body degenerates the muscles to use it as fuel. Hence, it is important that individuals build up muscles instead of burning them during exercise. Slow burning carbs prevent degeneration from occurring. Lean Red Meat.  Lean ground beef and cuts are brimming with protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins which are essential for body building. These have high calories per serving, allowing bodybuilders to pack a big punch with every mealtime. Lean red meat should be incorporated along with a diet of fish, turkey, and chicken.

Beans and Legumes : Apart from meats, beans are great and dense sources of fiber and protein. Fiber is important in maintaining normal bowel movement patterns, as well as insulin response. These mechanisms are essential in the absorption of nutrients and are critical to muscle growth.

Chicken/Turkey : Lean meats such as turkey and chicken are essential in completing a bodybuilder’s ideal diet. These pack high quality protein together with really low levels of trans and saturated fats, as compared to red meats. During intense work out bodybuilders will need a regular supply of protein to last all day. These can be incorporated into several meals without worrying about fat intake. It can also be prepared using an assortment of dishes to prevent satiety.

Water :  Bodybuilders should increase their regular intake of water. The body is basically made up of water, and it serves as a medium for metabolic reactions that help build up or cut down chemicals from our food intake. Water is used by the cells to produce energy, transport nutrients, facilitate growth, or even repair bodily processes. Water is essential for circulation, which enables the transport of essential nutrients such as minerals and vitamins, proteins, fats, and glucose for faster body building.


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