2 Secrets You Must Be Doing in a Female Abs Workout

If you have been dieting for a while(a few years) and still are not getting the desired results you would like when it comes to losing weight the healthy way, then my friend, I hope this article helps you on your journey.
First of all let’s talk about how much weight you would ideally like to loose? You must understand that if you are really serious about losing weight then you have to change the way you think. Yes, it all comes down to your thinking pattern!
Everyone knows that the older you get the slower your metabolism works. This is true but you can train your metabolism to speed up and work for you, burning carbs all through the night. That is what you want. Everyone seems to focus on the one hour workout and tends to forget the 23hours left in the day.
One way to help increase your metabolism is, to snack more during the day. Yep, roughly every two hours you want to have a snack. Doing this as well as taking in more water will help speed things up.
Female Abs Workout
This will feel like you are eating a lot more at the start but trust me, once you get things into a habit it just becomes natural, and you feel like you have continuous energy through out the day.
More on that later.
Now exercises……everyone seems to hate working out???
I really don’t understand why you would not want to! The benefits are endless.
“But, you already know this don’t you”. The trick to working out is going through the threshold of your initial first weeks training. After that everything will flow for you. When working your abs, you can’t just lie there and do ab crunches.. This will not help you lose weight around the mid-section.
Intensity is the key to any workout. For years I would go to the gym and workout for 40-50mins feeling like I had a good session. But it wasn’t until I discovered, if you just push yourself for the full 40mins you will see the benefits so, so much faster!
If you are just beginning, walking, running, cycle, whatever it is you are doing, put some intensity into it. You should be sweating a lot!
“Yep”, you need to start watching what you eat; you soon learn that what ever you put into your body you have to work it off, and after a while of doing this you’ll learn to feel your body a lot more, you can actually feel the fatty foods affecting your energy levels.
This is only the start, would you like to know more?
“Hold on to your pants because your life is about to change”.

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