Back Training Tips That Get Results

So, you’ve been working your back ever week, perhaps even a couples time a week. You may even have been able to amp up the weight that you’re using. So why hasn’t your back shown any growth?
Supercharge your back training and follow these tips!
Having a developed back truly makes you look like a body builder. It gives you that sexy V-taper look that everyone at the gym wishes they had. A good physique is not complete without some wide lats and a thick, solid back.
I myself along with many people that I see at the gym have a really hard time developing their backs. I remember spending hours in the gym hitting every back exercise under the sun with little results. Getting a muscular back can be hard for some, and hard to monitor results since you can’t see it. Luckily I discovered these 5 essential back training habits that most body builders utilize when they engage in back training.
Before I expose these habits, lets get some basic knowledge as to what the back muscles are and what their function is.
Two main parts of your back consist of your Latissimus Dorsi and your Mid-back, which contains the Rhomboids, the Teres Major, and the Trapezius.

Back Training
The function of the Latissimus Dorsi is to move the arms down to the pelvis and bring the body up towards the arm.
The Trapezius is needed to pull the shoulder blades down, or together, and used during to shrugs.
The Teres Major brings the arm towards the back.
The Rhomboids brings the shoulder blades together.
5 Back Training Tips That Pro Bodybuilders Use:
1. Visualize. Mind over matter does occur when training your back. Because you cannot see your back, you have to visualize it working. Before you start your back workout visualize your exercises. Imagine that your back is gaining mass with each rep.
2. Squeeze. It’s very important to squeeze your back muscles during each, and every rep. Many times the reason you can’t grow your back is because you can’t feel it. Hold the squeezed position of each back rep for a couple seconds.
3. Go Light. Don’t let it your ego prevent you from doing the exercises correctly. Only use a weight that you can actually handle. If you have to throw your entire body into each rep then you are using too much weight, take it down a notch..
4. Use Straps. Many times when you can’t feel your back working correctly its due to the fact that your forearms and biceps muscles are giving out prior to your back muscles. Following this tip is very simple – go to a sporting goods store and purchase some lifting straps.
5. Pre-exhaust. Add in an isolation exercise with high reps before you do your compound movements and you will get an awesome back workout!
Put these back training tips to good use during your next training session. That’s it for this one. All feedback is appreciated, please feel free to drop a line in the comments section below.



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