7 Testosterone Boosting Foods to a Better Life

If your intent is to increase testosterone naturally then it is important to find foods that can help you accomplish this. The mineral zinc has been proven to help naturally produce testosterone. Remember, eating these testosterone boosting foods once is not going to turn you into the raging hulk. It’s important to incorporate these testosterone boosting foods into your weekly routine. Stick with it.

 Testosterone Boosting Foods
1. Lean Meat
Lean meat contains zinc, saturated fat, and protein to name a few. As mentioned above zinc is well known as a key element to naturally boost testosterone. You know protein is essential to building muscles, but you may not know that consuming protein also helps boost testosterone levels. Saturated fat is also needed (moderation of course) to boost testosterone.
2. Broccoli
Studies have shown that heightened estrogen levels lead to the accumulation of fat and can prevent muscle growth. Broccoli contains indole-3-carbinol which has been found to cut estradiol in half for men (which is good). Eat broccoli whenever possible to help increase your testosterone naturally.
3. Cottage Cheese
Eat 1% milk fat cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is packed with protein and low in fat. Protein is good for testosterone production.
4. Oyster
Oysters contain large amounts of zinc and protein. Try to eat them a couple times a week if you can. If you can stomach them raw feel free to do so. Do not fry your oysters.
5. Garlic
Garlic combined with a high protein diet has shown to increase your levels of testosterone naturally. Garlic contains the chemical diallyl disulfide, which stimulates the body to release a hormone that spurs the production of testosterone.
6. Bananas
Bananas contain the enzyme bromelain which studies have shown to boosts a man’s libido. Bananas are also rich in B vitamins such as riboflavin which are essential to the testosterone manufacturing process.
7. Eggs
Testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol. Eggs are notoriously known for their high levels of cholesterol but that is not a bad thing. Food sources that contain cholesterol are therefore good for naturally increasing testosterone. At the time of this writing I have been eating 6 eggs a day for 52 days and I have never felt better. Muscles are are beginning to show up everywhere and I couldn’t be happier.
If you are looking to boost your sex drive, increase your muscle mass, and have a more positive attitude try incorporating these foods into your life. Consistently eating testosterone boosting foods overtime will help in thees areas.



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