How to Build Bigger Calf Muscles

I have been wondering how to build big calves myself all my life. After testing out some stuff, I finally found out that they needed to be trained with high volume repetitions. They are one of the hardest muscle parts to build.
If you are a runner, you better not train your calves. High volume calves training in the long run will give you ankle problems.
 Build Bigger Calf Muscles
If you are still interested in building bigger calves, here’s what you need to do. There are 2 ways that you can train your calves muscles. The first way is to do them between every set of exercise. You need to use heavy weights, stretch and hold it at the bottom for up to 10 seconds, and reach high on your toes when at the top. It is crucial for you to flex your calves tightly when at the top portion of the workout.
Your knees should be bent on the bottom portion and fully locked at the top portion.
The other way to train your calves is start your whole workout with calves training. You can alternate variations of calve workouts every time. You can do standing calf raises for 1 day and seated calf raises for the next.
You should also train the muscle in the front of your shin. They are called the tibialis anterior muscles. It needs to be trained to balance with your calves. You can train them by seating on a higher seat and hanging your legs in the air, then use both feed to grab a dumbbell, and flex your feet upwards.
After that, finish your workout with rope skipping. It would absolutely give your calves the burn. It is enough to make your calves grow.



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