The Best Foods For Muscle Gain

Looking to pack on more lean muscle mass? If so, one thing that you absolutely must do is look at your diet program. If you don’t provide the raw materials that your body needs to rebuild up this lean muscle mass tissue, you won’t be seeing results. It’s really that simple.
You can’t build something out of nothing, so diet must be there. So which foods are going to be most optimal for reaching your muscle building goals? Let’s give you a brief run-down of the best foods for muscle gain.

Best Foods For Muscle Gain
When building muscle, steak is a terrific protein source to eat. Choose grass fed varieties for a healthier nutritional profile and you’ll get high quality protein, healthy fats, as well as iron, which is required to sustain your energy level.
Another good source of protein is salmon. Salmon is going to provide the amino acids your muscles need along with the essential fatty acids that will foster a leaner body composition and overall health. You should be aiming to eat salmon at least twice, if not more often, each week.
Cottage Cheese
The final protein source that’s a must-have muscle building food is cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is a form of protein known as casein, which digests much more slowly in the body. For this reason, it’s a great option to have before you turn in to bed for the evening. By eating this, you ensure your body gets a steady flow of nutrients.
Dry Oats
On the carb side of things, you can’t go wrong with dry oats. When building muscle, since you do have higher calorie requirements, avoid cooking the oats as they’ll take up too much space in the stomach, making it difficult to get in enough calories. Instead, serve them raw like cold cereal or consider mixing them in with your protein shakes.
Another good carb source that is classified as one of the best foods for muscle gain is the bagel. Bagels are more calorie dense than bread and make for the perfect post-workout food choices. Eat these to immediately boost your calorie intake by 300-350 calories.
Nuts and Nut Butter
Finally, make sure you get your healthy fats in. Nuts and nut butter are perfect for this and will provide a small dose of fiber as well. Almonds, pecans pistachios, walnuts, and natural peanut butter are all terrific sources of healthy fats.
So keep these best foods for muscle gain in mind. If they aren’t part of your diet, start making them a part of it today.



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