3 High Energy Body Building Foods To Kick-Start Your Workout

If you want to build muscle and get fit you need to follow a well defined weight training and cardio regimen. Of equal importance though is your diet. Without the correct fuel, your body will fail to realize the maximum muscle growth possible post workout. You will also lack energy throughout the day and be more likely to feel your commitment waiver.
Let’s take a look at five foods that have been proven to boost energy levels, by providing the right kinds of nutrients that give your muscles what they need, when they need it.

Energy Body Building Foods
Whole Oats
Oats, while perhaps unexciting to some, is definitely a super food when it comes to energy. High in complex carbohydrates and protein, oats will provide a real energy kick if eaten either at the start of the day or in the form of whole oat cookies before a workout.
It’s time to reinvent the old by trying out some new variations on an old theme. Try soaking a serving of oats overnight in either milk or water, then microwaving with raisins or honey, followed by a scoop of yogurt. You will never believe oats could taste so good.
Broccoli is loved or loathed in equal measure, though one point is not up for debate: its great nutrient value. High in both complex carbohydrates and protein, broccoli is a great source of energy.
The simplest way to enjoy this healthy green may be steamed with slivers of fresh garlic, pepper & salt and a dollop of butter. Both quick and delicious, this recipe makes broccoli fast and accessible.
Sprouted Seeds
When we think of sprouted seeds, many people’s mind turns immediately to alfalfa. While this is easily the most well known, there are an increasingly large range of sprouted seeds available on the market.
Sprouts are a good source of vitamins and minerals, being high in Vitamin C, Iron and Calcium.
They can be enjoyed on sandwiches, in salads or as a simple snack depending on your tastes. Interesting and imaginative sprout recipes can be found in abundance online, with food & health lovers finding new and interesting ways to serve this simple foodstuff.
While these are only a few of the great high-energy foods available that body builders and fitness enthusiasts have known about for years, their addition to your diet will boost your energy levels and get you training longer and living healthier.



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