How to Build Forearms Fast

Coming from somebody who has genetically very weak forearms I can tell you that I’ve spent years trying to build up my forearms so that they aren’t the skinny twigs that I had when I was a young teenager. Having worked on them hard in the gym, they’re now one of my best body parts. Here’s how I bulked up my forearms

How to Build Forearms Fast

You already know that deadlifts are awesome for building the back muscle but did you also know that they build your forearms like nothing else. If you can deadlift 400lbs + then you have to have sizeable forearms to hold the weight. Obviously straps are OUT. If you’re having trouble gripping the weight then get some chalk – seriously, if you haven’t tried deadlifting with chalk then do it. It really makes a difference.
Farmer’s Walk
Grab some heavy dumbbells and walk across the gym gripping them as tightly as possible. Focus on the forearms and you should feel a real good burn at the end of a couple of sets. You only need to walk about 50 meters per set. Find a weight that’s challenging for that distance.
Reverse Curls
Like bicep curls except you hold the bar from above and do a reverse curl up to your chin. This exercise is one of the best – but let me warn you – you’ll feel a massive burn when doing it. You won’t be used to the movement and the lactic build up is pretty bad when you’re new to it. This is much better than doing a set of wrist curls with limited ROM – I’ve always found that exercise really awkward and have never really experienced any decent gains from it.
If you nail all these exercises into your routine (you should already be doing deadlifts anyway) then you’ll grow your forearms without a doubt. Remember, throw your straps out, they only hinder your forearm growth. Invest in some chalk and go bare handed!

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