Incline Bench Press: Dumbbells Vs Barbell

Weights are very useful for fitness training and have the potential to produce amazing results. However, we all know that finding the right weight training equipment is not always easy. It takes a bit of trial and error before an individual comes across something that fits his or her needs perfectly.

Incline Bench Press
The incline bench press is commonly used in body building training in order to strengthen the upper fibers of the pectorals, the middle deltoids, and triceps. It is also one of the three lifts involved in power lifting. It should be the first exercise in weight training used to build a huge chest. It is true that an incline bench press can be done with both a barbell and dumbbells. However, there are advantages of using the dumbbell compared to the barbell when doing the incline press.
For beginners, it is usually recommended to begin the incline press with a barbell. The stability of a barbell will ensure your safety and enable you to do the incline bench press properly. Once you have built up a certain strength level and have successfully completed a routine, say 225 for 3 sets of 6, you can start varying your routine.
How can dumbbells spice up your incline bench press? Performing an incline press is much more difficult when using dumbbells because of the lack of stability. More core strength will be needed in order to complete your reps, and coordination of both the left and right arm is needed in order to lift the weights at the same time, perpendicular to the shoulder. The body will need to use more muscle fibers in order to keep the dumbbells balanced. Another more difficult form of incline press is to keep your feet lifted off the ground. However, it would be more difficult to isolate the pectorals and deltoids in this position.
Another benefit of using dumbbell sets over barbells is the versatility of dumbbell sets. You can vary an incline press if you are using dumbbells, but there is only one way to do a barbell incline bench press. Rotating your wrists while lifting the dumbbells, doing a reverse grip incline, and doing incline butterflies are all good variations once you have gotten the standard bench press down pat.
There are various types of dumbbells suitable for different kinds of workouts. For more information on specific dumbbell sets to use in your incline press, check out Spotters are required for both barbell and dumbbell incline bench press to ensure safety at all times. Do not let the weights cause injuries during your workout!



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