This Is The Reason Why Your Chest Isn’t Getting Any Bigger

Your pectorals (chest) are the largest muscle group in your body and therefore should be worked harder than any of your body parts. The chest can handle tons more weight than your biceps even though you hold weights in your hands. If you feel you are not getting the results you should be, this is why:

Chest Workouts
You need tons of energy to get a proper chest workout.
As I mentioned before, your chest in the biggest muscle group in your body. Every chest workout should be by itself or at least at the beginning of the workout. If you plan on doing something before your chest workout such as biceps or triceps then you will lose testosterone and energy and won’t get nearly as good of a chest workout.
You are wasting your time on pointless exercises.
The chest is a big group and therefore requires tiring exercises. The best way to start out is by doing either flat bench press or flat chest press. Do three sets of either and then move onto incline. Same deal, either incline bench press or incline chest press. It is now time to do another three sets. Decline bench is optional, if you feel you have the time and energy then feel to jump right into it. Afterwards, it is time to do some inwards flies. That sums up mostly everything for your chest workout.
Are you building or toning?
If you want that big chest that sticks out, go for low reps (6-8) with higher weight. If you want smaller toned pectoral muscles, then go with a lower weight and more reps (15-20). Most people do more weight and less reps, but if you need to tone out then get that done and over with first.



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