10 Reasons Why Your Muscles Are Not Developing

You often wonder why your muscles are not developing or improving your built even after months of training and weight training program. Fitness experts and enthusiasts explained that there are several reasons why this is happening and there are psychological, physiological and social reasons behind this. Here are the top 10 reasons why your muscles are not developing.

 Reasons Why Your Muscles Are Not Developing
1. You can be practicing rigid training and you are taking less protein than your body needed. We all know that protein is an essential nutrient in building the muscles.
2. You may have a poor diet, which can also be a factor in developing the muscles. If you are eating fewer calories that your body needs, your body will end up burning the muscles instead of gaining them.
3. When you are undergoing weight training program, you need to watch what you eat and you need the aid of a dietician for this. If you already have one, then follow the rules strictly.
4. You might be doing too much training more than what is required and doing rigid cardiovascular activities everyday will not help build muscles fast.
5. In relation with the previous reason, you might be doing more sets than what your trainer prescribed. Remember that the key in building muscles is to carry the proper load and following the right form and the right number of sets.
6. Your body might have reached its limit when it comes to strength training. It can be that your muscles can no longer handle heavier loads, that is why your body is not getting any bigger.
7. You can also overtraining up to the point that you are not resting anymore. It is important that your body have adequate rest to regenerate.
8. If you are not overtraining, you might be lax with your training. It is important that you remember that your weight training must be progressive.
9. You can be practicing rigid training but is carried out in the wrong way. In order for your muscles to develop properly, you should make sure that you are practicing correct movements.
10. You may not be motivated after all in doing your weight training program. You are starting your workout without knowing what you really want to do and how you want your body to look. Thus, a properly defined goals and objectives can serve as guide building your muscles fast.
Now that you know the reasons why your muscles are not developing the way you want them. Take a look of yourself and change the wrong habits that you see.



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