Why Can’t I Gain Muscle Mass?

This is a question that many skinny guy and gals ask every day. If you are having trouble gaining weight or lean muscle mass then likely your genetics is the main reason. If you come from a family of small-framed people then you will likely be the same. That doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome your skinny genes.

Can't I Gain Muscle Mass

Your metabolism is another reason that you may be having difficulty gaining weight or muscle mass. If you have this problem then you likely have a very high or fast metabolism. All that means is that you have a tendency to burn calories more quickly than someone with a normal or slow metabolism. This is important to know because you can tailor your workouts and your diet according to the type of metabolism that you have. Doing this will help you achieve your goals more quickly, such as how to gain muscle the healthy way.
Training routines and methods come in all shapes and sizes. For every weightlifter and bodybuilder out there, there is a routine that goes along with them. Some workouts will be more effective than others. The important point is that you choose a workout that is geared toward your goal of how to gain muscle the healthy way.
If you are a skinny guy or girl – a true hardgainer that has asked yourself or others the question why can’t I gain muscle mass? then you must understand that there are rules for muscle building that you must do in order to gain muscle the healthy way. If you don’t follow these rules you can still gain weight, it may just take you longer.
The guidelines that will be presented in follow up articles to this one are considered basic tenets of muscle building and weight gain. There are many different opinions available on this topic. This series of articles is not all conclusive. What will be included are definitive elements that have to be included in your workout program if you want to gain lean muscle mass.


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