Just How Long Does it Take to Build Muscle Mass?

Time is of the essence, but when it comes to building muscle mass, we factor in the body type they fall under. But there is always no straight forward answer.

How Long Does it Take to Build Muscle Mass
Muscle growth isn’t dependent on the kind of food that you eat or how hard you muscle building program maybe, but they grow in a series of spurts, not in a linear process. As you may know by now, there are factors that influences muscle growth and everybody has different paces on how build muscles. Even if you copy the same routine and type of diet program that another person is doing because it is working well for him, you my friend have a different genetic makeup so you just have to figure out first what you are.
The sporty or mesomorphs body type are the naturally gifted because they have impressive results after a few months into the body building program. Ectomorphs or the skinny ones are much slower in gaining muscle mass because of a higher metabolism rate and smaller muscles. This also known as the adaptation ceiling in bodybuilding speaks.
Everybody has a limit as to how big your muscles can grow, this also known as the adaptation ceiling in bodybuilding speaks. This simply means that once your muscles has reached its fullest potential, the muscle growth tends to slow down. Your body recognizes that it’s about to reach its limit so no matter how hard your work, your muscles will “slow down” its growth.
Bodybuilders tend to gain fat during their muscle building program because food is the fuel for muscle growth. Body fat acts as a buffer for you to gain muscles instead of losing them. This is the reason why fat people tend to show more progress in muscle definition than leaner people. Ectomorphs tend to lose muscles while trying to gain a couple. It could be psychological and the argument behind may be that they don’t want to gain the fat back by not eating the necessary amount of food, is that right?
Hormones play an important role as well. testosterone (male muscle building hormones) influences muscle growth, so if testosterone level is low, you may find it difficult to build muscle mass fast. Maybe that’s why men have bigger muscles than women.
Your genetic make-up, diet and muscle building program is the key to building muscle mass.



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