Muscle Building Workout Routines For Skinny Guys!

For most guys who are of below average muscle tone, finding a skinny guy workout routine that works is a pursuit that is often “unfruitful”. Most routines are aimed at people who have already broken their bodies to the strain that exercise can cause. Some people often opt to go the easy way and attempt to beef up using steroids. While this may often succeed, the risks are ENORMOUS and there have been alt of complications and deaths documented as a result of steroid use.
On the other hand, hard earned physique from exercise will leave you with more self-confidence and healthier in both body and mind. Before you can even begin thinking about the right workout routine for you, a good diet is VITAL since you need the energy to keep you going and to heal the “trauma” that you subject your body to during exercise. Before you even lift a weight there are guidelines you must observe for a successful workout. They include:

Muscle Building Workout Routines For Skinny Guys!
4 Important Skinny Guy Workout Routine Guidelines
Stretch– This is vital to avoid injury to you as it prepares the muscles for the trauma they are about to undergo. They also increase your gains from the workout and give you greater motion range. Don’t overdo it as it can be counterproductive and don’t hold a stretch for over 15 seconds.
Diet– Since muscle doesn’t come from thin air, a good diet is vital to the success of your workout. Large protein amounts are important as they are easier for the body to break down to amino acids that are used in the muscle building process. The muscles will need to be fuelled to grow so you will need about a gram of protein for each pound of body weight per day.
Start Slow– A major cause of injury is exposing muscles to a lot more strain than they are used to. Start out slow on the weights you can manage and move on to weights as your muscles adapt to the new strain.
Supplements– These are to help the body adapt to changes and meet the shortfall caused by lack of enough nutrients in your food.
What Is The Best Workout Routine For Size?
Below are some routines that offer the most in terms of bulking up:
Squats– These will tone thigh, buttock and lower body muscles as they are the most strained. Stand at ease and straight, lower your body as though sitting in a chair until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Go as low as possible and then up. You can try with dumbbells in your hands for better effect.
Pushups And Sit-Ups– Inexpensive, easy and can be done anywhere. There are many variations that tone both the tummy and upper body. Don’t overdo them to avoid muscle injury.
Pull-Ups– Grab a pull-up bar and lift your body till your chin goes over the bar. Ease the body down and start over.
With these guidelines and workout routines for skinny guys, it’s only a matter of time before results are visible.



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