What Is Creatine? Find Out More About This Killer Supplement

If you ask any successful athlete or weight lifter what their essential supplements are, odds are that most, if not all of them will say “Creatine Monohydrate.” Ever since creatine hit the market, it has been one of the most in-demand, best-selling supplements of all time. After all, being an athlete or someone trying to get in better shape is all about results. Creatine monohydrate has been talked about a lot for the results that it delivers, so let’s take a look at just what this popular supplement is, and how it works.

What Is Creatine? Find Out More About This Killer Supplement

Creatine is Natural
Your body naturally produces creatine. In fact, if it weren’t for naturally occurring creatine, your body wouldn’t be able to do any serious physical activity. That’s because creatine helps to supercharge your body with ATP, an essential fuel for hard physical activity, like lifting weights. In other words, creatine is one of the building blocks of the energy resources your body needs to work out with more intensity.
The bad new is, though, that your body only has limited stores of naturally occurring creatine. Once it’s tapped out, your body can’t perform at top levels. By supplementing with creatine, you give your body a bigger store of creatine to create more energy for your workouts. That means creatine loading makes you stronger and able to workout for longer periods of time, which results in more muscle mass over time.
Pump Up With Creatine
If you’ve ever worked out hard and felt a great “pump” you know how essential those kinds of workouts are to getting bigger and stronger. When your muscles are pumped, they are infused with blood and water. Creatine helps your body to push more water into your muscles, which results in a better pump during your workouts. As you workout in a more “pumped” state, your muscles are forced to adapt and grow. This hydrating action is one of the ways that creatine works to make your muscles larger and more powerful.
Getting More Creatine
As you can see, creatine really does work, so having more of it in your body is definitely a good thing, if you like having bigger, stronger muscles. To get more creatine, you could eat pounds of red meat, which is rich in creatine monohydrate. Unfortunately, you’d have to eat pounds of steak, just to get a few extra grams of creatine. Instead, you should use a supplement that contains pure creatine monohydrate. You can start with a creatine loading dose of 20-50 grams a day for a week, and then taper down to a maintenance dose of 5 – 20 grams a day. That should fuel your body with the creatine you need to take your physique to the next level.
Make no mistakes, creatine monohydrate is a very effective supplement that can help you to gain muscle mass at rates faster than you ever experienced before.

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