Best Workout Programs For Men Method


Workout Programs For Men
Cut the bullshit and follow carefully perfected steps to reach a new, ripped you! Everything you need to know from nutrition to the best supplements is included. You have to be mindful of 4 things when building muscle: Your calorie intake (how much food your consuming), the exercises you are doing (are you targeting every area of the muscle?), your workout routine (when to work each muscle group), and the mentality you have when you train in the gym.

Best Workout Programs For Men Method
Your calorie intake has to be centered around not only your body type, but the type of activities your partake in and your training intensity. I personally am naturally very skinny. Because of this I have to consume a lot of calories in order to grow and put on muscle mass. In general, skinny guys obviously need to eat more than bigger guys. Use this to your advantage by tailoring your calorie intake to fit your needs. If you are bulking, you should aim for gaining one pound per week; if you are cutting, aim for losing one pound a week. Tweak your diet to find what works best for you!
The exercises in workout programs for men matter!

Best Workout Programs For Men Method

You have to learn to target each muscle group in a different way in order to make extremely lean gains and overall body symmetry. For example, if you are training legs, you need to stimulate not only your quads, but your glutes, hamstrings, and calves as well. You can do this through knowing which exercises to perform, the rep range to use, and in what order. A typical leg day of workout programs for men looks like this:
1. Warm-up on elliptical (it is very important to warm up your joints before heavy lifting)
2. Leg extensions 3×12 (helps to warm up your knees; I noticed that when I started doing these at the beginning of leg day, my knee pain diminished)
3. Squats 3×5 2×12 (this is the very core of your leg routine; both low-volume, high-intensity and high-volume, low intensity are utilized to build strength and also size through achieving hypertrophy (muscle size growth).
4. Barbell Lunges 3×10 (these are great for your glutes and how they tie in)
5. Leg press 3×12 (perfect for your outer quad sweep; place your feet close together)
6. Leg curl 3×15 (really targets the hamstrings; use slow, controlled motions to really contract and stretch your hams)
7. Stiff-legged deadlift 3×8 (this movement is designed to build massive hamstrings that make your legs look amazing from the back and side)
8. Calf-raises 3×30 (calves respond best to high volume so 30 reps/set is a good way to get them to explode!)
Best Workout Programs For Men and what schedule works best
If you are a beginner, it is best if you focus on core, compound movements such as squat, bench, deadlift, and overhead press. It is also optimal for you to train only 3 days a week and to limit your training sessions. Beginner workout programs for men for chest would look something like this:
1. Bench Press 3×5
2. Incline dumbbell chest fly 3×12
3. Dips 3×5
You will notice that there is very little volume. A beginner will grow best on a low volume routine when nutrition and rest is being taken care of. When you can stop adding weight to your lifts each workout, you know it is time to add more volume- you are now considered intermediate!
Mentality one must have using workout programs for men
When training, your mind must be in alignment with your body. You have to learn to listen to your body so that you can accommodate its needs and grow lean muscle mass. This includes building a proper rest schedule that is flexible. An intermediate routine could look like this:
Day 1: Chest                                                                             Day 2: Back        

Day 3: Shoulders and Traps                                                    Day 4: Legs

Day 4: Legs                                                                             Day 5: Rest


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